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  1. Thanks so much! This is a great help.
  2. DAFlannery

    HP 110nr

    Can you tell me a little about it? My old HP 350C needs a new carriage assembly ($800+). Unfortunately I'm out of town til Tuesday the 14th. David Flannery, Architect 1317 Laurelwood Road Dayton, Ohio 45409 (937) 299-8453 phone & fax daflannery@mac.com
  3. Thanks Andrew & Jonathan "It's easy when you know how" (and aren't caught up in habit!)
  4. The default always seemed to be Offset Original so I would have to change that also. That problem must be my old habit of hitting the "i" key. There is an additional step (which can have its benefits) that you have to then select what to offset and then click on the direction to offset rather than the previous way of the item being offset when you hit the return key. David
  5. The old offset tool was very handy. I could have a line selected, hit my shortcut key to activate the offset tool, and then hit the "i" key for the distance to offset and it was done. How to do, or how to import the old tool? Thanks David Flannery MAC G4
  6. I've had the same problem with the eyedropper tool and wall cavities. I've tried everything I can think of but figured it was a bug. From the lack of response to this topic I guess it is not a widespread problem. Anybody had any luck overcoming this?
  7. How do you print a non standard size (eg 48 x 24). In the print center dialogue "Settings" I see the custom paper size choice but when I set one up and save I don't know how to access. Can't do anything under Set Print Area either.
  8. In Vectorworks 9.5.1: I try to print a landscape view and it switches by itself to portrait view when it prints. I don't have this problem when printing to the Epson C80 from any other program.
  9. That's what I thought, but it wasn. Nothing seemed to work so I abandoned the drawing and started over with a clipboard copy of what could be accessed!
  10. suddenly i can see a particular drawing fine but parts of it, lines and dimensions can't be activated, the smart cursor cues show up but they can't be "activated" ???? VWA 9.5.1 OSX 10.1.3G4 Dual 1GHz 1.5 G Ram
  11. How can you move a door vertically on a wall. Occasionaly it is easier to make a quick drawing without having all the floors accurate but the door always stay at the bottom of the wall. How to overcome? ALSO Sometimes garage doors don't go to the bottom of the wall and they won't move either. What gives?
  12. Revive the 1)extend to picked line and 2) command-T trim capabilities?
  13. What replaces the 1)extend to picked line and 2) command-T trim capabilities?


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