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Lighting Devices Disappear in Viewport

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Hi All,

I am running Vectorworks 2015 SP3 on a Windows machine and have encountered a little difficulty. I am drafting a light plot and it had begun to exhibit some very strange behavior. The lighting devices seem to have (for the most part) started disappearing from the viewports on the sheet layers they are in. If I double click into that viewport and go to the design layer they are all still there as I would expect. And when I am looking at the viewport in my sheet layer, when I use my mouse to zoom, they appear for a moment, only to disappear when I stop scrolling. And there are times when some appear, and then if I zoom in, they disappear. None of my symbols are 3-D and they are all very basic, under 20 2-D lines or so per symbol. Also, when I print, the lighting devices don't appear. Any thoughts?


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I have had a similar problem. The issue in my case was that I had deleted the 3D component of a hybrid symbol. The original symbol had been given a height (Z coordinate). So when I deleted the 3D component, VWX didn't know what to do with a 2D symbol that had a height above 0'-0".

Your issue was probably similar. By adding the 3D component, even a locus, VWX knew what to do with it, and your symbols started re-appearing.

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