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10.1 update now In download section

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In our office, we have created one "master" VW prefs file which contains all of our serial numbers -- in other words, we do not assign serial numbers to each work station. Call us lazy. Fine.

When the 10.0.1 install came out, we noticed that it never updated the VW application -- Finder "get info" and "About VW" both said the app was version 10.0.0. Two of us even had the 10.0.1 installer "update" software on our iPods instead of our hard drives (what's up with that????). So, we never bothered with the update and went back to 10.0.

In the last two days, we have been 0 for 4 installing the 10.0.1 and 10.1 updates. Today we tried installing VW 10.0 all over again from scratch from the CD. Without opening the app or adding serial numbers, we successfully updated to VW 10.0.1 and then 10.1.


Note that the second time we did the installs all in a row which means that the preference file had only ONE serial number in it. Obviously the 10.0.1 updater screws up with multiple serial numbers, thus users with more than one serial number in their preference file are going to have problems.

We are running VW Architect with RenderWorks installed (combo serial numbers) on Mac OS X 10.2.4.

Sarah Sarnelli

Jackson & Ryan Architects

Houston, Texas

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I also had trouble installing VWA10.0.1. Katie suggested restarting the computer which made no difference. I finally downloaded the updater again and it worked. I have only one registration number so that wasn't the problem. VWA 10.1.0 installed without a problem.

VWA10.1 seems to have fixed many problems I was having with snapping and smoothness of mouse operation. The freehand tool in VWA10.0 had jerky movement and left a jaggy object. 10.1 is now smooth.


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