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Bugs with ganging tool


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Hello Forum!

I am using VW2012 and having problems with the ganging tool which I use a lot.

Annoyingly, the problem is not consistent and I'm not sure if there is something I am doing wrong. The various situations are:

If I move a set of instruments that are 'ganged' together, the ends of the ganging lines do not move with the instruments and often remain in their original location. The channel number end of the gang symbol tries to move but often only moves in the x or y axis (so doesn't end up very near the instruments anyway) and the gang lines end up stretched right across my workspace. If I need to copy a whole light plot across to a new ground plan I end up with a complete mess!

Sometimes I get an incorrect channel number on the ganging symbol, even though both individual instruments are correctly numbered. Deleting and re-numbering in the Object Info window, as well as deleting and re-ganging, doesn't help and I've actually had to delete the instruments and start again to get it to display correctly.

These problems are becoming a real pain when I have dozens of ganged instruments in a light plot that I am regularly re-drawing and moving to fit in new theatre plans. It takes up so much time to click and drag each ganging line onto the instrument in new position - surely this isn't how its supposed to work?!

Even if I have to make a small adjustment to the instrument position, I then have to adjust the stalks of the gang lines each time.

Is there some way of making the ganging symbol link to the instruments and not leave them?

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated!


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This problem with the ganging tool had been around for as long as I can remember. I no longer have to twofer that often. When I do gang,and move the plot to a new plan,I have to redo the twofers. I am not aware of a work around but would be interested if one exists.

Steve Ross

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I'll add my vote for AutoPlot. There is SO much in this tool I don't even know most of. The parts I do use I really can't live without.

I also don't two-fer. If for some weird reason I need too, I'll add the 2fer as the VERY last thing as it's just for people that don't read the paperwork. I'll need to try Sam's version.

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