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  1. I know this is 4 years old but........really still not in there??!
  2. I will second this problem. Simple extruded square works fine but symbols and everything else isn't working. I've tried all the old tricks as well and played with what seems like every option combination of settings with no success. If exported from a 3d view it at least picks up the height, but still flattening the symbols. I feel like this is a newer problem since the scenic guy has never complained about this before. I'll call the mothership tomorrow see if they have any answers.
  3. How did they not have these 2 tools compatible with their expensive add-on?! I just gave up on the audio point for now. I even drew a little truss with attached loads, but now the motors won't attach to the truss. Much like before SP1. It worked fine on 5 lighting trusses.
  4. Thanks! I thought about that but wasn't sure how much they were storing in the .xml. Can't wait to see what tools you make next Mike
  5. Subject says pretty much everything. Trying to find and move my custom speakers from 2014 over to 2015. I can't find them anywhere. I've got a feeling they are stored in the plug in and not moveable. If that is true I'll be sad! I swear I saw something about this but can't find the post/article now. I tried to import a symbol of a speaker I made from the manufactures cad but it wouldn't import that either.
  6. Normally I'd agree with MichaelK. But I just spent about 30 minutes trying to get a lighting position to show up on a sheet. I couldn't get it still. Switched classes and layer, it should have been visible. Even edited the symbol to make the lines thicker, just in case. Might be some little bug.
  7. I'll add my vote for AutoPlot. There is SO much in this tool I don't even know most of. The parts I do use I really can't live without. I also don't two-fer. If for some weird reason I need too, I'll add the 2fer as the VERY last thing as it's just for people that don't read the paperwork. I'll need to try Sam's version.
  8. Ok so I think I've found a bug. Hopefully someone else can try or confirm before I report it. Go to Label Legend Manager. Pick a fixture, go into "edit fields", turn on "Purpose." Now from there I've gotten a few different crashes. Some times it crashes as soon as you click "OK." Other times I got back in to the manager and it crashed when I clicked on "edit layout." If I use the default fixture it crashes hard and instant. If I try on a fixture I added it seems to freeze and never recover. I haven't tired all the options and it seems to happen on some of them, but not others. VW 2015 Spotlight, SP1 OSX 10.10 Mike
  9. If I'm understanding right.... While in the Notes Manager, down towards the center click on "Prefs..." In there click on the options you want. Its basically a bunch of options when it saves your work in Notes Manager. I turn all the options cause I've screwed my self before with it not saving stuff. Mike
  10. How do you edit fixture names? I like some of the new features, but I'd like more basic names. I've changed names of the symbol and in the Lighting Maintenance menu. Maybe we can get an in depth walk thru on one of the webinars one day.
  11. Symbol editing, 3D rotation, creation, etc. Hang angles of curved trusses. Pretty much anything advanced 3d
  12. We've asked a few times, but never got anything good. It's always been 2d stuff that is basically just a copy of the PDF. I wonder why they don't release them. Not like any competitor is going to copy their stage from a basic line drawing.
  13. Does anyone have any decent drawing for the Stageline 250 series. Technically we are on a 265, but for the purpose of the drawing anything 250 will work. I can find PDFs all day but no decent CAD. 3D would be nice but I won't push my luck. I'd really love any of the Stagelines. Importing PDFs is getting old. Thanks! Mike
  14. So I've just recently found the true abilities of the Light Positions tool. But what I can't figure out is how to edit the text and maintain the position. When selected I can change the text size but that only affects the position name and not the text inside the box. Only reason this is a problem is the text in the boxes is HUGE! I love the tool, makes nice pretty rounded boxes for the info but the text is way to big for the boxes and half of the time it isn't even lined up right in the box. I assume there is an easy way to fix this and i'm just missing it. Thanks guys! Mike ...VW2008 on a mac if that helps....
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