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Without renderworks

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Renderworks is f.e. needed to show the class color/material

of the wall components to show in Open GL.

Without RW the walls components will only show the color/material

of the wall main class.

And you are missing the FBX export.

I bought RW a few months after plain VW Arch,

even I don't want to visualize in VW.

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So basically to compare VWX and archicad you have to include renderworks as archicad comes with cinerender... That reduces the price difference quite a bit. Thx.

That's a recent development for ArchiCAD, so I wouldn't be surprised if 2015 saw some changes in that area as well.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If 3D visualization is a concern at all I would almost always suggest including Renderworks in any price comparisons.

OpenGL can do a small part of it on its own but you really do need Renderworks to have full control of textures and quality rendering modes.

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Keep in mind, to take advantage of surface hatching in 2015, you WILL need Renderworks...

Unless you're making a change to the way Renderworks is packaged in 2015, that just aggravates scheven architect's observations.

I agree that Renderworks is essential, it's also been an area in which Vectorworks has maintained an edge over the others. This year, however, ArchiCAD and Allplan have pulled no punches integrating CineRender so comprehensively within their software. To achieve that kind of polish, we're (currently) using Renderworks and then exporting to Cinema 4D. I doubt most users using this workflow would care if Renderworks actually got more expensive to bring the same full set of CineRender features inside Vectorwork. Anything that reduces or eliminates the need to export / interpolate from one software into another is a massive boost in efficiency.

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