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Symmetrical project

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HI guys,

Can someone help me with that. i'm to work on a complex project. but that project is symmetrical. I don't want to work on those two symmetrical part because of its complexity. how do I do that? because i tried with instance but the whole project goes on one single layer.

Thanks in advance,

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You could work on one half up to the central axis and when you have completed that work mirror a duplicate on the Design Layer to get the other half.

Alternatively you can make a Sheet Layer Viewport of the one half and then mirror a duplicate of the Viewport onto that Sheet Layer. The only difficulty with this method would be if the central axis is central to a wall or door or window.

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Than you very much, i thought of doing so. both ideas are good. Ill use both the first one for my perspective and the second one for my plan views (orthogonal views).

Thank A lot,

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The second method benefit is that all changes to one half of the project reverts to the other half automatically. Here we did some terrace houses using that strategy and it worked well.



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Create a new dedicated layer called Mirror

Create a Design Layer Viewport of your model on this layer

Mirror it

To have control of various class/layer visiblities you can set up multiple Mirror layers

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