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  1. Than you very much, i thought of doing so. both ideas are good. Ill use both the first one for my perspective and the second one for my plan views (orthogonal views). Thank A lot,
  2. HI guys, Can someone help me with that. i'm to work on a complex project. but that project is symmetrical. I don't want to work on those two symmetrical part because of its complexity. how do I do that? because i tried with instance but the whole project goes on one single layer. Thanks in advance,
  3. Thank you very much guys i think that i can figure out a way to draw that sheet. you are very helpful. warm regards,
  4. Good then nice to hear that. In case you have to cut a nice round hole its does the work.
  5. Thank you to reply. most of the time people prefer to see the drawing, instead of a boring list of information ( the schedule), so in a sheet if i could have a table with windows dimension i could be great. regards,
  6. Hi, Please guys i would like to know the best and quickest way to have a detail sheet for my doors and windows, with the size. Not the schedule but a sheet that contains the design of the openings with measurements and details. Thank you in advance,
  7. I have a solution for you. Open the file attached to that post http://www.vectordepot.com/plug-ins/ just download it in install it in the website you ll find the instructions. It allows you to make any hole any shape. and you keep the property of the wall. Hope it help you any question jus let me know.
  8. John, Thank you very much for your help but still. I have that broken geometry problem with the slab in your test file. Im trying to find a way because stairs are ok but the wall and the slab no.. with the John's test file it doesn't work. Thank you guys if you have any idea don't hesitate. warm regards
  9. Guys, i still having that same problem. I used viewport. John, can you please tell me what did you do exactly. For me i create a "new layer" and a new "section viewport" on that new layer i sent it to C4d. nothing happen i got the same result. is there something i did or didn't do? Please help
  10. John, i see your examples thank you i will try it. JimW, yeah i used the "3d cut section" command. I though it was the best toolto do that. Apparently it's not. I'll let you know if i did it. Thank you guys,
  11. Hi Guys i'm having problem with the 3d cut section. After cutting a 3d. i export it to c4d to have a rendering. unfortunately may objects appears like sheets of paper but not like solid. there's no cap. Can anyone help me solving this ? I'm using VW 2014. I have an example in attached.
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