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Walls not Fitting to Roof Face Geometry


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Has anybody else experienced issues when trying to fit walls to the geometry of a roof face above? The roof face is sloping and set to a layer above the layer of the walls. The walls extend upward to the roof face, but only to the flat plane of where the roof face and wall first intersect. The wall does not follow the roof face up the slope. The roof face does extend over the whole of the wall and deleting and redrawing both entities does not result in fixing the problem.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This are currently in a number of enhancement requests to add this. Currently it will reshape the path of the wall top follow the edges of specified 3D geometry, but it isn't yet possible to tilt or sculpt the tops of walls in the manner you describe.

I'll add this post to the request.

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JoshW, could you attach a screen shot?

Tops of walls cannot be beveled (relative to wall thickness).

The overall wall, however can have a rake (relative to wall length).

Not sure of your meaning when you say the wall will not reach the peak of a gable.

Otherwise, maybe mess with your imbedment settings to have the wall penetrate further into the restraining geometry?

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Hi Joshua, I had a look and can't explain why it doesn't work, some minor jinx i guess.

However a quick way to get it to work is if you move one of the faces up (in the z direction) and run the Fit Walls to Objects, then move the face back to its original position and run the command again, this should get you moving again. Perhaps Jim can explain the reasons for this later on...?!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Same results here, even when brought into a new doc it isn't behaving as it should. Removing either one of the roof faces allows the wall to fit as expected to it, and swapping the roof faces for generic 3D geometry allows it to work as well. You've done nothing incorrectly.

I'll detail it up and submit it as an issue.

Edited by JimW
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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
It's because of the alignment of the roof faces.

Take a close look at the ridge line - once you solve this the FWTO will work.

It does indeed, i'll add that to the report. Even if these two roof faces are smashed together or have a gap, it should still attempt to fit all the way up to either the point where the two intersect or the bottom of the gap at the top.

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No, but just like we need in the the flood/paint bucket function in several tools, a certain tolerance level should be introduced or be individually set by users to avoid this type of problem. (This was already available in Bentley Architecture in the 90s......)

I.e. we should be able to determine our selves what 'gap' should be allowed for the tool to ignore and thus still function.....

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I would agree to the suggestion as a preference setting but still best to model accurately, yeah? I can see how the roof in question can get off by just a bit in working so I might add that if the wall cannot fit to roof have the error message explain why.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, my concern is more that it appeared to do nothing and give no error. The main problem being that there was no feedback of any kind.

I can understand that Vectorworks didn't think a "problem" had occurred, but that can be the cause of a lot of confusion, as evidenced by the creation of this thread and many like it.

I'm not sure if just adding some sort of visual feedback of what Fit Walls was fitting to would help, but its a problem in a number of different ways.

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