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Cant delete an auto generated class?

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Hey Guys

Well.. I believe that vectorworks created an auto-class for a tree object, which I didnt want it to do.. but thats not the problem at the moment.

When I try to delete the "Plants - Components - Tags" class I get a pop up saying:

"Unable to Delete Object - One or more of the objects you are trying to delete is an automatically generated component of a plug-in object and cannot be deleted"

Anyone know how I can get rid of this? Also would be cool to know how to turn off the "automatically generated component" from that plug-in object too as I find it a pain.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Plant symbols automatically place the tag (label) for the plant in the Plant-Components-Tags class. This is actually a really good, desirable thing. It means that you can choose to display the tags or not, when you come to create viewports of your plans for printing/exporting. Classes give you great flexibility.

So, my advice is, don't delete the class - it will mess up all your plants. Instead, live with the class and make use of it!

All the best

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I always thought that this is an issue only when you have "Enable Auto-classing" turned on under the Standard Naming feature. (File/Document Settings/Standard Naming).

If not, you can also check in the "VectorScript Plug-in Editor" (Tools/Scripts/VectorScript Plug-in Editor..)for the specific plug-in object you are using, and see if a default class is assigned under the "Properties" button. I would suspect that you "should" be able to change this here.

While I personally appreciate VW's attempt toward helping me organize my classes and layers in the way that IT sees fit, I appreciate even more the ability for me to control the classes & layers to serve my own needs, depending on the scale or scope of the project I am working on.

hope this helps.


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  • 3 years later...

My issue is that while learning the software, these automatic classes got in the way and so I reassigned them to a new class called 'reassigned.'  Now I do not know what they are anymore, but I cannot delete the class 'reassigned.'  And something seems to be disabling my ability to use normal toolset objects (like the property line) which I want to use.  Probably because I already tried unsuccessfully to use the toolset and auto-generated component of a plug-in which I cannot see and therefore is not serving me, cannot be deleted.  How can I remove the unknown objects generated by plug-ins and start from scratch without removing all of the lines already in my drawing?  

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That might be part of the issue. Never delete the None class, as many tools and internal components of Vectorworks rely on it. I'm surprised it even let you delete it; when I try it says "Cannot delete class 'None'."


Generally I'd consider the None and Dimension classes as untouchable. They are the default classes that exist in every file, and even if you don't actively use them they should exist anyways.

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