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  1. Hey Guys Sorry to be asking questions in a steady flow, Im still a learner but understand the majority of functions in vectorworks. A slightly ("amateur") but needed report/schedule I need to create for my own benefit whilst designing really is a sort of schedule I can change visually to mark on box which gives the names of the months through the year and then tells you visually when each plant you choose will flower and what colour it will be. Is there any way I can do this? I will show an example of what I mean in a screenshot of a photoshop image I have created to try and illustrate this. Also.. are there any visual symbols or even plugins to help visually representing site analysis at all? I think it would be a really cool addition to vectorworks if they were there to help planners create visual maps of sites or perhaps even designers involved in architectural property design. What I mean by all of this would be a set of symbols which are commonly drawn by planners and architects to visually plan out a space before committing their design to the site. It helps designers/planners communicate weaknesses and strengths of the site and how those features can be incorporated into the final design. Anyway, posting the screenshot here of the visual plant graph information example illustration. Cee
  2. Hi Helen, I dont think I have an email from you guys there Im afraid. I have sent you a private message to your account here so that you can email me again about this. Thanks Cee
  3. Hey Guys Well I have been hitting a major problem after upgrading to 2014. I now can no longer take my drawings back into 2011 and 2013 so that I can print them out at my university. It keeps on saying: "This file was saved in the student edition of vectorworks. Files saved in the student edition cannot be opened in the professional version." But Ive always had a student license! Its really annoying both myself and my whole class and university too who use vectorworks. I understand you have to crack down on users being sneaky, but it seems over the top to have changed this around after the 2011 and 2013 editions have not had this issue. Can I work around this or do I literally have to start over with my whole drawing? Thanks guys Cee
  4. Hey Guys Well.. I believe that vectorworks created an auto-class for a tree object, which I didnt want it to do.. but thats not the problem at the moment. When I try to delete the "Plants - Components - Tags" class I get a pop up saying: "Unable to Delete Object - One or more of the objects you are trying to delete is an automatically generated component of a plug-in object and cannot be deleted" Anyone know how I can get rid of this? Also would be cool to know how to turn off the "automatically generated component" from that plug-in object too as I find it a pain. Thanks
  5. Well.. just got back from my class now and have to head back again in a moment! But I did a check on Vectorworks they were running and didnt have the problem assigning the fill to a class and the objects always took these without a problem. Not sure if it was a problem introduced during SP1 perhaps. Ooh well.. thanks anyway for the support.
  6. Thanks Guys. It's still playing up for some reason. I'm currently a student, and use VW 2013 edition. I'm hoping to upgrade this week at some point if possible to 2014, so it may correct itself once that happens. I will also give this same problem a try out at class today and see if I get the same problem using VW2011 on the computers in the lab. Thanks for the support and will update the signature now
  7. Thanks for the input. Yeah.. I guess there are some drawbacks to being self taught. However, when I said self taught I meant I had experimented for over a year with this software and had used many others before it. I know not all CAD packages offer the same, but there are similarities for sure. Im still having the same issue with class styles. They just never appear for me. I change all items over to the class after I create one from the objects info pallet, I then select "class style" from the fill type and nothing.. I even make sure I checked "Use at Creation" with no difference. I've tried making new classes to see if it was a problem with the class that I had made.. I even watched a vectorworks video tutorial by Nemetschek and still doesnt work. I cant seem to understand why on earth it's doing this still?
  8. Just found out what it was.. I'd been playing with opacity and forgot to say "Use Class Opacity". Thanks
  9. Hey Guys 2nd post today.. Im doing good . So I came across a small problem. I made a class called "Pond" and within it another called "Color". I selected the gradient fill I wanted it to display on all the ponds in my drawing. Next I selected all ponds which belong on one layer and put them all on the Pond "Color" class. I then changed the fill type of all those ponds within the layers tab to "Class Style" and nothing changed.. they just sat there without a fill. I double checked the class style and I had set it all correctly. Dont know what's going on.. I'm completely self taught so please forgive me if I'm missing some vital step here..
  10. Hi Guys Im very grateful for having such a fantastic product to work with. The capabilities as a student still amaze me with it. Just a quick question.. does anyone know when the new 2014 version will be available for download to students? I'm not moaning.. just curious so I can get in on the action with the new release. Thanks
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