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Dear oh dear ........

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I wasn't able to find the specific reference. I may be mixing this reference to 64-bit and the later reference to the next two versions in my mind....


"One of the things that did come up during this topic was when Vectorworks would become a 64-bit application. Dr. Sarkar stated that the development team at Nemetschek Vectorworks is in the process of removing the dependency on QuickTime and Carbon API on the Mac. QuickTime, has many may already know, is stuck at 32-bits. The Carbon API (application programming interface) would be replaced by the Cocoa framework.....

When I mentioned the value not just on modeling but 3D navigation and the isolation of 3D components in space he said they had some innovative new technologies coming forward in the next two versions. While I have subsequently had a chance to explore some of these future technologies directly and play with them in beta format, I can attest that the company does indeed have some exciting new technology coming forward. And I look forward to the market?s reaction to this when it arrives." ( http://architosh.com/2012/06/aia-nemetschek-talks-with-architosh/ )

"AFR: I just have a few more questions but my next one is about multi-threading. We just saw your sister company Graphisoft multi-thread parts of ArchiCAD 12 with great performance results ? and yes some of that was also algorithm optimization work too ? have you guys considered using a tool like RapidMind so that you can continue to focus on single-threaded development and yet gain the performance benefit that comes from all these wonderful Intel and AMD multi-core chips? The world is increasing going multi-chip and multi-core, how will Vectorworks use this?

BS: That is a very good question. We have looked at the work involved in threading our code base for multi-core processors (ed: note: like Intel Core Due 2). It is not as simple as people think. It involves a lot of potential redundancy and there are some inefficiencies with multi?threading just as people mistake 64-bit computing as being automatically better than 32-bit computing." ( http://architosh.com/2008/09/architosh-talks-to-dr-biplap-sarkar-about-parasolid/3/ )

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