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newby, shorten line, etc

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HI, I am a nubie and working my way up learning curve. Can someone give me a few hints ?

What is the quickest way to shorten / lengthen a line on one end or both ?

What is quickest way to create a new parallel line next to an existing one ?

What is the quickest way to cut a line 2" inches from the end ?

thanks, this would help me alot !


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Hi Bill,

As far as shortening or "cutting" a line by a specific length, I select the line, then type "-2" in the Object info palette (after making sure the proper segment position is selected.) One of the nice features of the "OIP" (as it is referred to), is the ability for one to use "+, -, /, and *" to change the length or size of an object. In other words, if you had to make a line on third shorter, you just need to enter "*.666" in the length field of the OIP.

As far as a parallel line, I typically drag a copy of the existing line, and type in the displacement while dragging (kind of like an offset.) I don't know (or have completely forgotten) if there is a way to start a new line a fixed distance away from a specific point (like in autocad.)

hope this helps (and makes sense.)

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Bill, you will substantially ease the learning curve by buying the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial manual. It was designed to make you effective in Vectorworks. The shorting the line concept is in the first chapter, learning the offset tools is a little later, learning how to use layers and classes....

It really is a useful manual, and I say that, not just because I wrote it, but because so many people have learned Vectorworks from it. I was in an office recently where they now start all new users with that manual. These new users are now better at using Vectorworks than the people that have been in the office longer, and have been using Vectorworks longer.

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