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Model space visually unresponsive

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I seem to keep getting this bug, where model space wont update if I zoom in/out or make selections. The only thing that will update the model space is rotating with control + mouse wheel.

I dont think it is a settings problem, as it seems to occur only intermittently.

Could this be something along the lines of video drivers or direct x, OpenGL, or something else that might be out of date?

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I get this occasionally, often with the Flyover Tool. I get round it by using the Pan Tool a small amount and that seems to re-draw/update the screen.

If you're using a Mac there are those who will say it is down to your video card but I don't think that is correct as I use other 3D software sometimes through Parallels/windows 7 and I have never had that problem and yet it is the same system.

Can you fill out your signature (My Stuff>Edit Profile) near the top of the window so we can see what computer specs you're using?

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