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Document Setting>Units do not update after setting change

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Aloha, I searched the forum but I couldn't find it...remember reading it somewhere...

Perhaps someone remembers this or can help to answer my question.

When I change the settings i.e. from Feet/Inches to Feet the change does not change values on previously created objects but only on the object I create after changing the setting.

Is this how it suppose to work? If yes, then the correct work flow would be...you change the setting then create your objects. Then change again before creating newer object with different units. Could anyone confirm this?

Or is the a bug?


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Dimensions will update, but custom PIO's that have dimension parameters don't update (untill you let them recalculate of course), hhis on V2010.

My college has V2011, on startup of each drawing, vectorworks fails to load the current unit settings. All my objects that load that setting fail horribly until he changes the unit to something else and back :(

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Aloha, Benson & Wouter:

Benson your experience is valid. All the dimensions revert to current unit setting when they are changed.

I should have been a bit more specific?these are my property line objects. Wouter you are correct?PIO don't update. When I choose update in the edit dialog the dimensions revert to current setting.

Thank you both, I have better understanding now! Warm Aloha from Hawaii!

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The program keeps the same unit of measurement regardless of the unit setting (inches from what I have observed but could be any other unit). It uses the unit setting for display only so when changing the unit, it converts the internal value on the fly to display the unit selected.

To answer your question, everything, including dimensions, should change to the unit selected with the exception of dimensions inside PIO's and symbols not updating until being regenerated

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