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v2013 SP1 is out

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yeah, I had the same thing happen to me after I was told issue had been fixed. I had to go through the VW uninstall in windows 7, then download VW link (for some reason VW13 WONT install frm DVD!).

So after lengthy download opened VW and checked for updates (SP1) and got same erroragain!


pls advise


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Hi, Carpalmer -

I got the updater to work properly, although the problem was very specific to my particular installation. You are on Windows platform (I'm on Mac) but perhaps the problem is similar. When you attempted the updater, did it create an "Updaterlog" file? If so, look through it.

In my case, the updater was looking for a particular group of files within a folder called "Standards" that it could not find. In our office, we set things up so that we all share a "Standards" folder that resides on the file server. That is, the VW installation at each workstation uses an alias (short-cut) of the Standards folder on the server. The updater was having trouble reconciling this.

To make the updater work, we temporarily restored the Standards folder to each workstation.

Hope this helps.

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It looks like SP1 has fixed the file crash Vw2013 was giving me. I was testing it with a site model file containing a workgroup reference, and it seemed opening that file, along with loading the referenced file always caused Vw to crash. Now I updated to SP1, and that same file opens smoothly with no problems - what a great relief.

I'll continue to look for any undiscovered problems, before I batch convert my file library to Vw 2013, and I would advise others to do the same.

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