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I can't even figure out how to use the new version of the revision cloud tool; I find that the revised tools in Vector Works 9.5.1 require more thought and less ability to just draw. I never need a revision cloud of a specific size--so what would have been the harm in keeping one that you could shape by elipse?

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Well, you could always use the redline tools. Personally, I think they are a lot more versatile than a revision could.

Removal of the oval and polygon revision cloud tools are duly noted... I'll see what I can do to get some other modes added. If this tool was written how I think, it may be trivial to make different versions (oval, rectangle, polyline).

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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TO use the Revision Cloud took, you need to draw something that resembles a semi-closed u. You can also change the settings of the billow cloud in the Revision Cloud Preferences button (in the mode bar). The arc and billow might be set too high for the scale you are using, or the size you want to draw. It works ... I swear ...

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The new revision cloud tool works great after you get the size and billow height set right.

But if you work in different scales allot, or draw clouds around some large objects and some small objects, You spend an awful lot of time changing the settings of the tool.

And the settings are not too intuitive, I could only set them through trial and error.

If you could add a feature to save different setting configurations, the tool would be much more functional.

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After you click on the wrench to set the billow height and so forth, click on OK. The cursor should now be a = sign. Click on the drawing and move the mouse in a u shape. Click again to end it.

If you have click drag drawing enabled, you will need to click and hold, drag in a u, then release.

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TS - What is your layer scale?What do you have set for the revision cloud preferences (clicking on teh wrench) ?

If the settings aren't valid for the layer scale you are working with, you might get the problem yall are referring to.

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