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  1. We are having problems when we open a VW 11.5 file in 12.5. Doors / windows created using the door / window plug-in (not Symbols) are not showing up correctly, i.e invisible even though they are in the drawing. If we go into the Object Info palette and untick the Part Line STyle checkbox they re-appear correctly. Is there a way of setting VW so that this box is un-checked on opening a drawing or a way of selecting all door / window plugins and converting them in one go? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? The "Basic" Palette (VW12.5 Designer) doesn't appear automatically every time I start VW, even though when I quit it was active and docked at the top of the screen. Any suggestions gratefully received...........
  3. Thanks for the reply Katie.....folder is named 12.5.0. Interestingly is I navigate to the folder there is an AOL icon that takes me to the VW Help File. Just can't get to from VW
  4. Have just updated to VW Designer 12.5 on PC. Have just tried to open the Vectorwork Help under the Help Menu and get an error message as below: Cannot find ?\file:C:Program FilesVectorworks 12.5.0VWHelpwwhelpwwhimplapi.htm? Make sure the path or internet address is correct. I'm on AOL so not sure if this is associated with that. If it is can I force the program to open the help file in Internet Explorer in any way? Many thanks for any help in advance. Stuart Gray
  5. Michael, We have been using VW for about 7 years, and it was actually our first ever CAD Program here in the office. In older versions there were quite a few things that would have been nice to have as a UK Localised version, but now that we can make our own wall styles up, and many of the new features of 11 / 12 I can't really think of anything that is missing. Yes more Manufacturers Libraries would be great but to be honest where would be the incentive for NNA to do this, imagine the cost. The only thing that I still find a bit glitchy is the cavity return too at jambs of windows and doors. It would be nice if this was improved, and also had the option of say inserting a cavity closer like Thermabate etc, rather than just returning a leaf etc. Some more British style vehicles would be nice but i'm sure if we really tried we could find some somewhere! I'll ask around the office and see if anyone else has any ideas and post any replies. Wish I could have got to the conference myself! Regards, Stuart Gray FAW Architects Northampton, England
  6. I've managed to find the 3d Trees in the Object Library, but are there any 3d shrubs? I'm sure there used to be some in previous versions? Are they hiding somewhere?
  7. Whenever I click on "Help" and "Contents" I am no longer getting the VW Help pages coming up. It fires up my Browser (AOL) but then i get an error message saying; "Cannot find file; C:lProgram FilesVectorworks 11.0.1VWHelpwwhimplapi.htmt - make sure the path or internet address is correct." The help folders are in the relevant folders? Any suggestions as to the problem?
  8. We have been using a BJW-3000 here in the office for almost two years now without any problems. Print qulaity is excellent and speed is fairly good too, about 12 minutes for an A0 sheet with lots of coloured lines, hatches etc, average A1 takes about 7 mins. Set up was reasonable painless our only gripe is that the spooling of the drawings sits on your pc for a while with large files so we have a dedicated PC to use as a Print Server. We thought originally that it was the Printer memory so upgraded to the machines maximum but didnt really help. Canon didn't have a clue about Vectorworks, strange since they're a US Firm!
  9. Richard, we had exactly the same problem here. Eventually we found that if we unplugged dongle and without VW running plug is back into a different USB port. PC then seemed to recognise it as new hardware and hey presto.... Hope it works.
  10. We had exactly the same problem in our office, running VW on Windows PC's , XP Professional SP2. Updated HASP Dongle etc but still the same error message....bizarrely when we unplugged the dongle and put it in a different USB Port without any other programmes running suddenly it recognised it as new hardware and hey presto! Strange but true....wish I knew why though! Give it a try you never know.....Dongles sigh........
  11. Katie...Problem solved phew!!!! Plugged Dongle into a different USB port and hey presto it works....weird! Thankyou anyway!
  12. Katie, Have already downloaded what I thought was the latest Hasp 4 Driver update...."HASP Device Driver GUI Installation"; HDD32.zip Version 4.95 from the website and still coming up with the same error message! Should I even be having to do this when I had already updated them for VW 10? Help as I now have a PC that I can't use VW on! Many thanks for any assistance in advance!
  13. We have just upgraded the first of our PC's running XP Professional from 11.0.1 to 11.5 using the updater and it now reports that we need to update our Dongle drivers before it will run VW. We did upgrade our Dongle Drivers with the upgrade from VWA 9 - 10. Are we missing something, if so where can we get the Dongle Driver update?? Many thanks in advance Stuart Gray FAW Architects Northampton, England.
  14. We have just done a clean install of VW Architect (10.5) onto 3 replacement PC's in our office. Two installed fine but the third leaves a trail of blue dots wherever the cursor goes on the screen, and doesn't refresh by pressing zz. Any ideas as it is exactly the same spec as the other two pc's. Would an uninstall / re-install solve this? Many thanks for any help in advance
  15. Does anyone out there currently use Sketchup in conjunction with VW, either importing a VW drawing into Sketcup or vice versa? Any comments appreciated......
  16. Thanks for the reply Patrick. I thought that was the case and that only Rendering / 3D were heavy on graphics card. Think I'll go for the 128MB one with the faster processor then, still worls out less expensive
  17. We are just about to upgrade our 3 office pc's. All run Windows XP Professional and we are going for 3.2Ghz Pentium 4's, 1 GB RAM...On the graphics side most of what we do in VW is in 2D, although one of our machines does have Renderworks 2. Do we need say a 256MB dedicated graphics card, or would a decent 128MB one be sufficient. I'm not sure how VW treats everyday 2D work? Also we would like to go for 19" TFT Digital Monitors, does anyone use these? I know the resolution isn't as good as CRT ones, but is it ok for VW? Any comments / advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  18. Many many thanks for all of your replies and assistance, at last I can carry on drawing whilst printing....will save me hours....thank you
  19. Hi, thanks for both of your replies...its not that we want to work on the same file in the viewer while drawing with it in VW.... Wee just want to be able to open the viewer and VW up at the same time so that we can print other files whist working on one. If we try to open up the viewer whist VW is running it just goes back to the VW window??
  20. Is there a way to run the Viewer program and VWA at the same time. This would solve a problem that when we print large files with VW we cannot carry on drawing until it has finished spooling to the printer. If there is a way then we could print with the Viewer and carry on drawing at the same time. We are using VW 10.5 and 10 Viewer but it will not let us fire up both programs at the same time. Any ideas?
  21. The files are only about 8-9 Mb, and the plotter is set to spool. Occassionaly we can get around it by creating PDF's but this is so inflexible, and often the print still fails, and not always in the same place. We tried setting things to Raster on the Print Setup within VW but this takes forever and more often than not fails. We have upgraded the Plotter memory to 64Mb which is about its maximum but this didn't seem to make any difference. It sometimes seems also that the size of the file grows somewhere from leaving the pc to the plotter and can triple in size. We have spoken to a chap from Canon in the UK and apparently they do sell these plotters in the U.S, so he has gone off to track down an American colleague to see if they can add any input. Certainly any AutoCAD drawings that we Import and print allways seem to work as do other colleague's drawings in the Office who tend not to draw using lines and PIO's.
  22. Hi again Katie! We are using XP Professional and VW Architect 10.5, on 3 different machines.
  23. Thanks Katie, I'll check that when I get back into the office frst thing Monday morning..... I'm fairly sure that it was checked, so hopefully problem solved! Thanks for the response, especially on a Friday evening!!
  24. We are using the above Colour Plotter but seem to be having many problems both in the time that the files take to spool and also general intermittant printing. Some VW files that use just lines print without any problems, but those using walls, PIO's etc can take upto an hour to spool, and invariably wont print. Has anyone else experienced problems with Canon machines? Any help, hints would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance Stuart Gray FAW Architects Northampton, England
  25. When we export VW files to some of our Consultants using AutoCAD they are reporting that the walls (drawn using ones set up with the wall library in Architect), that had hatches to show the inner and outer leafs of the cavity walls are showing up with a black solid fill. Are we doing something wrong with our export or if this is just a conversion problem is there a quick way yo turn oof all of the fills to the cavities so that the walls just show up as lines? Many thanks in advance Stuart Gray FAW Architects Northampton, England
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