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Referenced layers move to different/incorrect coordinates in file

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I have a material plan file that has the survey and landscape base referenced in. In the native file each file (survey and landscape) is at their correct, and same, coordinates based on the survey information and coordinate location. In the landscape base, the survey (ref'd in) and landscape layers line up correctly; however, in the material plan file the two referenced files (survey and landscape base) are at two different locations. Does anyone know why this may be happening or how to resolve?

An additional note: I can be working in the file at one time and everything is lined up and at the correct coordinates. If I close the file and re-enter it at a later time, the ref'd layers move to different coordinates.

What I have checked/tried:

- all layers are at same scale

- all needed layers are visible

- tried to check box "ignore user source origin" in x-ref dialogue but does not resolve problem checked or unchecked

- setting view to top/plan still does not align ref'd layers in material plan



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Hey Nathan,

Super late reply to your query, but...

We have experienced the same issue that you have described.

What I find is that the reference files are in the correct location, and the file that you are working in has moved to another location. Updating the references will then move the correctly located survey to it's correct location, exposing the working file's wrong position.

At first I thought it happens when VW crashes, but it has just happened to a file of mine and it has not crashed recently.

Can you confirm that the referenced survey file is in the correct coordinates?

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Ancient thread, but I'm having this same issue, over and over again. Unfortunately I have too many sheet viewports to justify just moving objects around within the design layers. Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I'm working in VWX 2015 SP1..


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I have had a similar issue. I found that I had to use "Align with User Origin" for all imported files/xrefs. I would insert the survey file and then draw to it. If I used the Recommended option after I closed it down and reopened files the files would be all over the world and 1000 miles apart.

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This is a random issue that i thankfully haven't experienced for a long time.

The way I resolved it was to go to each of the referenced drawings and reset the 0,0 point back to the point that it was originally. ( I always have it set to a spot I know like the corner of the site), save the drawing and reopen the master and update all the referenced drawings should be aligned.


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As I mentioned in another thread, the best solution for me so far is to make sure that all origins are aligned with the internal origin in each file, this way I don't have to check if all user origins are aligned and it is easier to correct any shifts as the internal origin does not change once the document has been created.

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