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  1. I'm having the exact same problem in Vwx 2015 SP4, and it's driving me nuts. Anyone find any resolution to this?
  2. Ancient thread, but I'm having this same issue, over and over again. Unfortunately I have too many sheet viewports to justify just moving objects around within the design layers. Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I'm working in VWX 2015 SP1.. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, New forum user here, I apologize in advance. There are a number of dialog boxes that have a check box labeled "Do not show this dialog box again" or something similar. Once you click that box, you never see it again, which is great. Unless you want to see it again. Is there any way to restore these settings, and see the dialog again? This has become a problem recently when I am assigning a group to a new layer, and all the objects in the group inherit the class' attributes. I seem to remember a dialog box that double checked whether I wanted this to happen. Thanks, any help is appreciated.


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