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  1. Many thanks, that has solved it. Now my only problem is to re-order my survey data to take the text ID and put it at the end of each line.
  2. Tried that and it will not let me change any of the parameters until after the process is finished then it gives the ID as zero if I alter it in the object info palettet. Is there a particular format for the ID. I've tried altering it in the text file to no avail.
  3. When I import a surevey file using ID, Easting, Northing etc, the points appear as they should but the ID information is lost and in the object info the stake 0bject has no info whatsoever despite the levels being correct.
  4. For those of you with 10.1.5 problems I think you should check out the apple discussion group "http://discussions.info.apple.com " The 'mac OSX - getting started - installation and setup' has a whole lot of people who are having worse problems
  5. I too find that generally speed is not a concern and the stability is paramount but as I progress more and more towards producing all my designs in 3D I would have to say that speed is becoming a definative issue. You produce a generally brilliant program and offer 3D as standard, it is therefore important that the ultimately rather slow rendering process is optimised wherever possible if I am to make full use of it.
  6. its not that. After further investigation it appears to have some trouble dealing with the patterns used in vectorworks. What I thought was a reduction in print quality subsequently turned out to be some wierd version of my selected pattern. I have yet to see if this can be resolved with dithering variations.
  7. I've just tried a demo of microspot on my G4 400 printing to a Clacomp AO printer but the only output resolution seems to be 72 dpi. I've changed all the preferences I can find and it says it in the chooser config that it should be printing at 300 dpi. Does anyone know how to get a pict to print at more than 72 dpi?
  8. I agree totally with the idea of making the worksheet db more functional. I'm still using VW8.5.2 but it has poor user qualities and only being able to edit it in the object info menue means if you make an error in assignment then finding it again can be almost impossible.
  9. I use the epson 3000. It prints a full A2 sheet and the output is god quality. What really swung it for me is the ink cartridge size. Four separate colours and each contains a large quantity of ink. This ultimately reduces the print cost .
  10. alan

    mac os X

    I use VW 8.5.2 and OSX and I'm quite happy with it. It of course runs under classic mode but I've had no serious problems. One thing to bear in mind though is printing. I find that I have to have my printer turned on before I start up classic or it doesn't recognise it. my connection is not 100% orthodox so maybe thats got something to do with it. If you have problems you only have to set it to boot up in system 9.1 and run it like that until NM produce a copy for system X which I might add was originally promised for 60 days after the release of X . This puts it at the end of this month (i'll beleive it when I see it)
  11. This forum is to discuss the wishes and problems of VW users. The fact that you have erroneously got the impression that Microsoft have the entire market for design suggests that you may be better sticking with AutoCrap than a design orientated program like VW. Caleb made some valid points regarding file alterations. Save your abuse for MS forums
  12. I forgot to say I'm using 8.5.2
  13. I'm using it n classic mode. It hasn't been released for OSX yet. There are speed issues to consider but all in all it seems to function pretty well in Classic. For me at least better than ordinary 9.1. Anyway, if it doesn't work for you ( and you've got a pretty fast machine there) you can choose not to use system X and boot only from 9.1 Note: a partitioned hard drive is better.
  14. I moved over to system X and those problems were solved. I found it too much hassle to keep switching from 256 colours and back just to see the handles.The only hassle I have is printer operation but my Epson 3000 with USB to paralell cable works fine if I have it turned on when system 9.1 boots up. I believe there is a fix coming but no-one seems to know when.
  15. I installed Quicktime five and couldnt run VW 8.5.2 at all. I have a G4 667 and I ended up deleting QT5 and re-installing 4
  16. Thanks. Information is the pivot to good support. It's much appreciated.
  17. Firstly I take offence to the "here is the actual message" when it is exactly the same as the one I posted. It had to be, I copied and pasted it from the original message. The reason for posting it is that I mistakenly assumed that "support" meant more than "its not our fault so its not our problem" Aside from that, the previous message asked why we need depth of colour. If you draw full colour images as I do there is a marked difference at low colour resolutions and switching back and forth is a pain. Occasionally I forget and the prints look rubbish. My previous mesage that System X seems to have cured the problem has raised no comment from anyone. I was hoping someone else might have tried it to see if it is actually a fix or if I have just introduced a new set of variables/problems.
  18. just installed system X and it seems to have cured the handle problem. Dont know why but I'm not complaining. I have to run in clasic obviously but the speed seems ok. I'll just have to see how it goes
  19. Just had an e-mail from VW tech support saying it's not their problem, see your card manufacturer for a fix. Actually here's the message "The issue with disappearing handles is a video driver issue. While our engineers are looking for a way to work around the driver bug. It is up to the graphic card manufacturer to fix their drivers." Looks like we can't expect a fix anytime soon.
  20. How long does it take to fix a driver coz running without 2D acceleration is very annoying. Iwsh Nemetschek would at least announce a fix date.
  21. I've got a new 667 mac and now I've got the same problem. When can we expect a fix.
  22. Forgive my stupididy. I now undrstand what you intended and have achieved what I wished. Many thanks
  23. I've just done as you suggested but when I try it using quickdraw 3D rendering one or mor views disappears
  24. I understand this but what I was hoping for is model views that are still linked so that changes appear as you make them
  25. Does anyone know how to get multiple views of the same 3D model and then render them on the same sheet
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