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  1. VW 2014 running fine in OSX 10.10 Yosemite here.
  2. Thanks for this info!!! With this i am able to export to c4d 10.5 from vw 2008 with Mac Osx Leopard!!! Great
  3. Big problem with VW 2008 and Leopard, just installed both, fresh install, all new, saving files is ok but not exporting, trying to export a file to dxf, dwg, image file, etc... is not working... It seems that the "save window" tries to save the exported files inside the vectorworks app (looking inside vw... "show package contents/contents/MacOS/..." i found the exported files an folders with no use, all were 0k) no matter i stated to export them to another folder in my desktop... And as usual, c4d export doesnt work either... - p
  4. Hey, good news for the interested in this topic... Just checked out the downloads section for Cinema 10 updates in the Maxon-Cinema website and there it is: "Update VectorWorks 12.5 Exchange Plugin for CINEMA 4D R10" !!!
  5. ...just to point out that I still have this topic as a "wish" item... maybe in 12.5.1?
  6. Seems that Maxon already released c4d 10, but nothing new on the vw exchange plugin... anybody has some news on this subject?
  7. After using VW 11.5 and Mac OS 10.4 (tiger) on a G4(1.24Gh-756ram) for a week, mainly for 2d and 3d sketches, I can report no problems at all. I also feel some kind of speed increase and stability... At the apple?s spotlight issue (somehow it can get confused with the vectorworks spotlight module), it seems that VW needs to create some kind of plugin (as Archicad or Ashlar had already done) to be installed in the spotlight system, so it can be able to extract the metadata from the VW files... I have just posted a request in the wish list item of these forums
  8. It would be nice... a plug-in for Spotlight to extract information and metadata from VectorWorks files and place the information in Apple?s Spotlight. Once stored, Spotlight and the various OS X Tiger applications could use the extracted information for fast searches. Being able to search inside vw documents for information, text, worksheets, etc... is something that would be great!!! [ 05-06-2005, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: parella ]
  9. Even without spaces in the name and .mcd append, I have had problems when sending vw files via mail.app from apple. The only way to assure the files dont get corrupted is to stuff (.sit) them and then send. Its not hard to do and you also get the smaller file fly faster than the .mcd... ;-)
  10. [i dont use the 3d pack or the nurb tools of VW, when i have to model complex organic geometry, I use the Nurbs (Loft/Lathe/Bezier/Sweep) and Hypernurbs that come with C4D -and if needed in VW... export -import into VW via dxf-] So I am not sure, but i believe you can export the surface Nurbs of VW to C4D if you previously convert them into meshes or 3d polys... is that right?
  11. Sorry about the link ( is: http://www.maxon.net/pages/products/c4d/vectorworks_edition/vw_specialedition_e.html Here are some images I?ve made with VectorWorks (modelling) and C4D (rendering) heres one, another, and this. About the trees, realistic trees are always difficult, as they use to have many polygons to render on any software. I put them in Photoshop. [ 08-15-2003, 03:14 AM: Message edited by: parella ]
  12. quote: Originally posted by Cloud Hidden: So, the question I'm facing is....should I invest in C4D? I won't be able to charge more. The only benefit is I'd deliver higher quality pictures, and appearances count for something. ... Is their Advanced Rendering module worth the difference it will make? ...[/QB] Go!! You will make better presentations, faster and with more control over materials, cameras and lights. I use VW everyday but when it comes to render a quality image I go with Cinema 4D (the basic software + advanded render + the export plugins -CINEMA 4D R8 "VectorWorks Special Edition"-, thats all you need) What the advanced render does is to give you control of "radiosity" and that kind of global illumination is what makes the complete difference in the appareance of the images. Unfortunatelly that is not an option in the render machine of RW. You wont need shave or any other fancy plugin to make grass, or backgrounds the texture mapping control of Cinema -and some tricks you will learn on the way- is powerfull enough to deliver quality realistic effects. [ 08-14-2003, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: parella ]
  13. quote: Originally posted by rjtiedeman: I attempted to use Artlantis with Vectorworks but as I remember Artlantis requirest that you name all your parts in vectorworks before converting the file. Many times I build quick files for rendering jobs (POP and exhibit) and it was more time wasted that I couldn't get paid for. Bob T That is not correct. There are several ways to export a file from VW to Artlantis. The easiest is by the use of the plugin Artlantis offers for free to VW users, using this plugin you can choose the way objects will be distinguished in Artlantis , it can be by its color, texture or the class they are in... Artifex You can try the Artlantis forum for more info on this software, its hosted by www.architosh.com
  14. I was thinking the same that you Yovav, but reading carefully it says "the week of February 17...", so it could be any day this week, I guess ;-)
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