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Greyscale in renderworks

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This capability was added in Vectorworks 2019

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A couple of ideas come to mind which might work for you.

You don't describe your VW version, computer system, etc. in your signature like most do but if you have Renderworks, you could do a Custom Renderworks rendering with colour and textures turned off. You get an image as if your entire model was done with with plastic or card - anyways essentially a grey scale version of your model.

Secondly you could take a regular coloured image into Photoshop or similar program and process in to black and white to get more of a grey scale effect.

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If you are a Mac user:1) create fully rendered (and colored) view, preferably as a viewport on a sheet layer. 2) print the sheet as a PDF. 3) open the PDF in Preview. 4) go to File>Save As, choose quartz filter called "gray tones", hit save. Voila!

Of course the same or similar is possible in Photoshop...

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It is possible in VW, I do it with colour documents all the time.

Go to Print. From the centre dropdown go to Colour Matching. Choose ColourSync and in the profile dropdown select Other Profile..., select the Generic Grey Profile and hit print.

I would presume it's similar for the windows client but I can't check till later.


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