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Slow Rendering on vw 2009

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Depends on final use. Sometimes you just have to wait it out to get the scene you need.

But many things can help, here are a few:

What did you add to your drawing in the last few hours? Can the render scene be copied to and rendered in a new blank (and therefore smaller) file? That might speed things up.

Use a strategy - Render overnight?

If saving as image file, start the render then hit escape key, then save as image - the render will start again, but only to make the new image file. Or if you get a render, use screen shot rather than Save As. When you save to image or pdf, VW has to render again.

Try Open GL render. At least for some trials.

Reduce the resolution and conversion settings (sacrifice image quality). Make trial with lowest settings to check shadows, light levels, etc. Then increase for final render.

Simplify objects- fewer vertices in profiles of sweeps, extrudes along path, etc (eg use a hexagon or square instead of a circle for cable rail extrudes).

Use symbol instances instead of duplicate objects (eg make chair or baluster into a symbol and dupe that instead of dupes of chair or baluster).

Use NURBS instead of other complex solids (eg multi loft instead of multi extrude)

Reduce number of lights.

Reduce number and complexity of textures and shaders.

Others will have more ideas.


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I was recently given a great strategy idea to use for Renderworks models:

Work mostly in Wireframe or OpenGL mode, and only occasionally do a Render Bitmap of a selected area of your 3D view, instead of Final Rendering the entire view. This will give you a small area of the rendering to review for lighting and texture effects. Then, when you are satisfied with the results, you can let it do the complete final rendering unattended, either overnight or during a lunch break.

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All the above, plus:

Earlier threads on this topic suggest using Custom Renderworks with options adjusted - start with low settings, no bounce, etc. Employ a series of trial renders increase relevant settings until desired quality is achieved or available render time is surpassed.


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fast renderworks with shadows does not raytrace, it uses shadow mapping. (or did not. this is 2009 right?) That's great except for shadow mapping in VW was not multi processor supported. So you are in a bind...more cores but having to raytrace (theoretically a longer process) or one core but shadow mapping.

I always opted for Custom renderworks, ray traced, low detail, anti aliasing off as I had lots of cores.

I've noticed that OpenGL gives me very unpredictable results, especially when moving around. Whether it's my video card or what, I've tended to stay away from it, and don't trust it for pre-vizing a look.

In any case, 2009 was not a great rendering package compared to 2011. Despite the grumblings that you will read (and I will post!), the renders are better, faster. HDRI and indirect lighting is much improved.

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