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Julian Saw

Plants wont send to surface????

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Hi all

I have a whole design full of plants that wont attach themselves to my site model using 'send to surface' command??

Ive only been using 2011 for a week or so now? Is there something im missing??


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Once used an application that had a command called ":Gravity" essentially any item you clicked when "down" to ground level. With VW ... some where back in 2008 ... When I also wanted to use the Send to Surface command ... I requested a working drawing to dissect. Tech Support never gave me enough to go by. Questioning other users, this was part of the email trail:

"...I'm not sure but I believe that the "send to surface" command was designed only for use with a Site Model (DTM). If that is the case (Robert can correct me if it's warranted) then I think the command is working as designed."

" ... Essentially, the send to surface works only on a dtm. Your questions about how to create the dtm from the polygon tool? You need to use the 3D polygon tool, not the rectangle tool to create your original rectangular shape. If you then convert this to 3D loci, you?ll have a 3d locus at each corner with a Z value of 0. The convert won?t work if you use the rectangle tool as it doesn?t see this as a polygon. Select all your loci, create the site model and you?ll have your flat starting point. However, on a general note? I do find the dtm stuff rather flaky from time to time? I am just about log some bugs?"

I really wish that VW would see the use for some tools in other disciplines, and provide real solutions. The people at Tech support are great, but some times it feels like you are told not mix commands / tools into other workspaces. ... with that said I rarely use the Send to Surface command as select and move is less time consuming.

I do assume that the command actually works. Also see the attached - Peter

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if you create a Site Model, and you use the Place Plant tool to place the plants, they will automatically be sent to the surface, so there is no need to activate the command later.

This means that you have to create the Site model correctly, using the site model commands, and the plants have to be in an area covered by the site model. If the plants are outside the site model area, they will not be able to sit on the surface.

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