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  1. Yeah you were right peter, there was something there. It was just a little bit hidden. I found that if i unclick the Display Planar Objects button, that actually got rid nicely. Thanks
  2. Hi ive attached a file of what looks like to be a shaded area in my viewport. Its rendered with final quality renderworks. Ive checked all my layers to make sure nothing odd is there and i cant find anything. Any ideas?
  3. Hi All Is there any way to make Existing Tree tool's 3d generic symbols transparent? Ive tried setting the opacity in the classes tab which doesnt seem to work. Thanks
  4. I fixed the issue. It seems that i had the base height for the plant layer at 4000mm. Thanks for your help.
  5. I figured out the problem. I didnt have "use at creation" and "solid" ticked in the edit classes tab. Thanks anyway
  6. I have created a texture bed for my design but it has decided to go brown . I have other texture beds and they are fine, but it seems that every time i try to and create a new one it turns up brown?? Any thoughts??
  7. Hi all I have a whole design full of plants that wont attach themselves to my site model using 'send to surface' command?? Ive only been using 2011 for a week or so now? Is there something im missing?? Thanks


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