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Import .dxf into VW 12.5.3

D Wood


I have been sent a .dwg file from a surveyor, it seems to be AC1024 which is release 24 and came out in 2010, and I get the message

"Open DWG Library Error 8:

The DWG version is not supported"

when I try to import it.

Does anyone know what the latest version of AutoCad is that I can import into VW12.5.3, or would some other file format work? I am only looking for 2d boundary lines and contours.

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Mike, thank you.

The surveyor re-sent me the file in AC Lite 2000 and it opened perfectly - well, as perfectly as any AC file does, you know, zillions of irrelevant classes and other junk!

Get them to purge the file before sending it or do it your end.

Or create a VW code to purge out unused classes and objects upon importing into VW.


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Good advice, but good luck with the idea that the sender would purge a file - they would probably stuff it up even more.

Better I think to follow your other suggestion. I import the file into a new completely blank VW drawing, then purge, then convert/merge the items I want into simple VW type classes and copy them over to my project file.

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