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Trying to Subtract.@##$$%

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I'm trying to cut a hole in the top of a cabinet that I selected from the "Furn'Fixtures" menu in VW 10. My goal is to install a sink in the top of the cabinet. I'm drawing a Polyline on top of the cabinet then extruding it to penetrate the cabinet. I'm then selecting both, the Cabinet & Extruded Polyline. Then choosing "Model / Subtact Solids" command. At this point I get an error message "You have tried to create a solid which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this and try again"

What's I'm I doing wrong & how best to cut a place to put my sink?

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You can't subtract/add from/to the Cabinet without first ungrouping it (which also means the loss of parametric capability). But the Counter Top object (in the furn/fix toolset) has the ability to show a hole for sink built in... So try a Base Cabinet with no counter top. Then add the counter top with the counter top plug-in...

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Thanks, I'm trying to figure out how not to add a counter top. I see the "Counter" drop-down which is set to "None", but the counter remains. Is there another parameter adjustment that I need to use? & where is the "Counter Top" plugin?

Forgive my lacking in this area.

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None refers to the class of the counter top, this does not control the placement of the counter. Try the option Draw Counter.

If you turn this off, Vectorworks will not draw a counter for you, but you will have to adjust the height of the units to compensate for the lack of counter top.

I have written a tutorial manual on drawing a kitchen with Vectorworks Architect. http://www.archoncad.co.nz/manuals/manuals/tutorial.html

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To wrap it up, place a base cabinet with the "draw counter" selection unchecked per JP above. Draw a rectangle for a new counter and make a floor out of it (AEC menu) I have a separate class for millwork counters. Make the thickness what you need then draw a shape you want to cut out of the counter (oval, square what have you) and select both, right click (Windows) and "Clip Surface". Delete the shape and There ya go! You may have to do a Send to Front on the sink to have it appear on top of the counter.

and checkout Jonanthans excellent learning materials.

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