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  1. Opps! I might have spoke too soon....Architectural Parallax: is tolerable when using "Narrow Perspective"...Not 100% but it helps.
  2. Please work on eliminating "The Architectural Parallax" within The Modeling Environment. It's very frustrating.
  3. Thanks, I'm trying to figure out how not to add a counter top. I see the "Counter" drop-down which is set to "None", but the counter remains. Is there another parameter adjustment that I need to use? & where is the "Counter Top" plugin? Forgive my lacking in this area.
  4. I'm trying to cut a hole in the top of a cabinet that I selected from the "Furn'Fixtures" menu in VW 10. My goal is to install a sink in the top of the cabinet. I'm drawing a Polyline on top of the cabinet then extruding it to penetrate the cabinet. I'm then selecting both, the Cabinet & Extruded Polyline. Then choosing "Model / Subtact Solids" command. At this point I get an error message "You have tried to create a solid which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this and try again" What's I'm I doing wrong & how best to cut a place to put my sink?
  5. Opps! forgot to upload. Thanks. In that same location mines say "Export 3DS (3d only)
  6. Thanks. In that same location mines say "Export 3DS (3d only)
  7. Yes I do have Designer w/Renderworks. I'm downloading the update now. Maybe it's installed in the update.
  8. I'm looking but I don't see it. Do I need to add it from the "Work Space Editor". I've tried using both, "Architect & Designer" modes and I still don't see it.
  9. Just starting with VW 2011. Where is the "New Send to CINEMA 4D Command" or do I need to spend more Money?
  10. Thanks for the help. For some reason when I create a Poly Line I'm only able to select "Extrude" and not "Extrude Along Path" why is this? I'm still using VW 12.5. Also, I'm able to get profile drawings of molding and extrude them, but it's hard to place them where I want them to go. Is there a better way. With the method you mentioned, Im I able to get any shape I desire? Do you have examples for the methods your talking about (i,e. Pictures)
  11. What's the best and easiest way to add molding to walls. Crown molding & base?
  12. Where can I get some good textures that will work with VectorWorks 2009?
  13. I'm wondering what the best way is to export a 3d model from VW2009 so that I can put it on my web site so that it's interactive (i,e. so my web site viewers can rotate the model with the mouse) I've tried QuickTime export and it works but, it's jerky. Is there a better way?
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