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9.5 update slows to a crawl

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I just received my VW 9.5 update and loaded it hoping it would improve the slow scrolls and move commands of 9.0. When I fired it up, it works fine, much faster, then starts lagging when any action is taken, (scroll, menu, tools), until it's so slow than it's unuseable. Then the menu (i think the "view") at the top starts flashing. Somethings wrong!

Any ideas? Can I get my ten bucks back?

it's a mac 233 75mb ram allocated, system 8.6.

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The minimum and preferred should not be the same number. I suggest setting the minimum to the same as the suggested and leaving the perferred somewhere between 80 - 120 megs (if you have enough built in memory to support this in a safe environment).

Also, under VW Perferences> Session Tab -- Max Number of Undos -- set that to something around 20 or less (if you feel comfortable with that number). This will hog alot of memory and cause the application to lag when performing such functions that require the screen to perform a redraw such as zoom, scroll, etc.

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We've had some reports of the menu blinking about 10 times during some operations. Is this what you are seeing? Or is it slow even when the menu isn't flashing?

How much total memory does your system have? Are you using virtual memory?

We've had some other reports of slowdowns when file sharing is turned on, which we haven't been able to duplicate yet. You might try turning that off if you have it on, and also try running with just Apple extensions and see if that helps. I also seem to be getting slowdowns from the utility DragThing but haven't confirmed that yet.

Also, i hate to disagree with Katie but i don't know of any reason to not have minimum and preferred memory set the same. I always set them the same for all my applications because MacOS9 will choke the finder with insufficient memory if the available memory is somewhere between the minimum and preferred. I'd rather be told there's not enough memory than to have the Finder slow down due and close windows due to insufficient memory.

You can email me directly with any additional clues you have as to what is causing the slowdown. So far the only thing we have been able to duplicate is a flashing menu problem for some users.

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How long are you working in the program before it starts to lag?

The allocated memory settings that you have assigned to VW, what do you have for the minimum and the preferred?

How large are the files you are working with ?

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I changed the ram to 75-100 and the undo's were lowered to 10, with the same problems. I also restarted with a minumum extension set. When I switch to the finder and then back to the app, the symptoms disappear, then slowly bogs down again.

I would hope my mac with 224mb wouldn't be "woefully inadequate", as i have 3d modelers that don't need more than 100mb. If VW can't run with that, somethings wrong!

Still searching...


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How much built in memory do you have?

Do you have Virtual Memory turned on?

How much free space do you have available on your hard drive?

Do you have other programs running ?

What is the average file size of the drawings you are working with?

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We are using on this moment VW 9.0.1. In my experience with the system here, set your memory settings to at least 150 MB for minimum and preferred. Turn Virtual Memory off and also take a good look at your processor cache. Those 3 options play a very important role in the speed you are working with all your programs.

I hope this will improve your speed because I know it can be very frustrating waiting on your computer.

Have a nice day.

Friendly greetings,


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About how much slower does the zoom function work from VW 9.0 and VW 9.5 in the same file?

Do you have a tendancy to turn your computer off every day or do you leave it on all the time?

With a 10k file, zooming in VW 9.0.1 and VW 9.5 should result in about the same amount of time. Something seems strange here that you are experiencing a significant slow down in VW 9.5 as opposed to VW 901 using the same file. VW 9.5 should actually speed up the zooming factor. With 200+ megs of Built in Memory, Virtual memory turned off, 300 megs of free space on the hard drive, and a 10k file or even a 2 meg file, and memory allocation settings set to 36mb for the min and 80mb for the preferred , you should not notice a significant slowness when zooming. For testing purposes, can you perform a time trial with the same file and zooming in VW 901 and VW 9.5 and log the time difference? This would be beneficial to all of us at NNA to futher diagnose the problem.

One other thing you can check is to make sure you have the most recent video driver installed. Perhaps if you have an older version of the video driver installed, it may be causing the refresh to bog down with the newer version of VW 9.5. Just a thought.

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using a G4 Quicksilver 733 with 1 Gig RAM (vm turned off automatically) Mac OS 9.2.2, V-Works 9.5.0 (150MB allocated) CarbonLib 1.5I'm experiencing slowdowns (making V-Works totally unusable) usually after starting another application such as iTunes. For some reason, it doesn't happen every time.Quitting and restarting V-works doesn't work. I have to restart the machine every time.

Help would be appreciatedThanksurimevs

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Running 9.5 of OSX, G4 466, 1 gig available.

I have also noticed that VW can slow down. Just finished a project, 48mb file, 9 sheets fairly full with information. Not using itunes on this computer.

I have tried lowering undos to 18, undo operations only.

When it gets real slow the solution is to quit and relaunch. Seems to be related to big, dense drawings, here, and time of operation.

In other respects, though, 9.5 is faster than 9.0.


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There seems to be an incompatibility between CarbonLib 1.5 and some other applications, possibly including the utility DragThing. If you started getting slowdowns with CarbonLib 1.5, try starting with 1.4 and see if that helps.

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OK, I've tried turning virtual memory on and off, reducing undo's, raising app memory to 150mb, then lowering to VW's specs, updating video drivers, even re-installing OS 8.6, you name it, with the same result. I do leave my system on all the time, but on average it gets restarted every few days. VW will start slowing down even after a fresh reboot.

The slowdown takes time, sometimes about 5-10 minutes, but I have noticed a possible corolation...when it starts it's usually with a command like "move" or "edit symbol" or such, and I then see the little yellow tool bar "hints" appear over the tools?

Could any of this have an effect?

If I had to bill a client for this time, it would be in the thousands by now.


shocked.gif" border="0

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I think at this point you should stick with 9.0.1 until i can figure out what the problem is. My best guess right now is that the problem you are seeing is specific to only some MacOS 8.6 machines / configurations.

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