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  1. first ungroup the roof(s) to roof faces. You can then via a worksheet calculate the volume and thus the surface. the formula is: =volume(T=SLAB)/t where t is the thickness of the roof hope it helps
  2. I think the test button prints only to port #1 on the jetdirect. It prints 2 pages with lots of information.
  3. I can print with VW 9.5.3 on OS X 10.3.1 to a HP 1220C and an HP 450C. it's been said on this tread that it was not possible. What's going on?
  4. I 've been losing a lot of hours lately when Vworks 9.5.3 crashes when I save. I always end up with a corrupted file that is unusable. This happens very often and I have to save as with a different name every 5 minutes or so to not have my files wiped out by a corrupted version. Any suggestions??? urimevs (G4 733, OS X 10.2.8, 1280MB RAM)
  5. I plan to upgrade to C4D myself as I tend to get frustrated sometimes with the limitations of Art-Lantis. It has a mission anf it does it very well. The renderings can be very easy to produce and its interface is extraordinary simple. For the home-made textures, the solution is to put them in the Artlantis application folder or the folder that contains the .atl file (even if it means duplicating the texture files). The billboards are not of the highest quality (I would like to make mine but i don't know how) and very often especially for the trees, you'll have a noticeable fringe effect. You can get into trouble when exporting from VW to artlantis. I've found that the best solution is often to convert the whole scene into 3d polygons prior to exporting.
  6. I just discovered personal web sharing. hope it works for the images. here are 2 examples
  7. I'm using Art-lantis with very satisfying results. The light effects are very realistic and it has billboards of plants and trees (and people) that one can simply drag and drop in the model. However I like to mix plant billboards with 3d models from the modeler (VWorks) (How do I put images in my messages?)
  8. when you hide objects on a layer, all the layerlinks from that layer will disappear until you use the "custom visibility" tool to show all objects. However, you can end up seeing hidden classes. the trick is to go then to the class visibility window and just close it without doing anything else. hope this helps
  9. Hello Katie I use a quicksilver PowerMac G4 733 with 1.2GB RAM. Mac OS X 10.1.5, VWorks 9.5.2.
  10. Hello katie The information I gave you was false. I had 40 undos at a time but I did a clean reinstall of my OS X system a few weeks ago and the vectorworks settings for undoes had reverted to 20. So I had the slowdowns with the standard 20's. It can get slow to the point that even clicking on a n object can take 2 to 3 seconds before having it selected (with the spinning beachball) urimevs
  11. I also experience slowdowns witch are fixed with a Vworks restart but I'am on a Quicksilver G4 1.2Gig Ram with OS X 10.1.5 and 40 undos. (I didn't realize I needed so many levels of undos until one time I did need it) if RAM is not a problem, what is? Has anyone seen this behavior on VWorks 10?
  12. Sometimes, VectorWorks crashes because of corrupted documents. Those corrupted documents can also cause printing problems. The best solution always is to create a new document and to create a workgroup reference (witch will be deleted immediately) in order to import all the layers and stuff. It worked for me today? urimevs
  13. I have a similar problem if I open a file on the network. If for some reason I'm disconnected from the the other machine, I will get a similar error message. (OS 10.1 VW 9.5.2 Quicksilver G4)
  14. Hello I updated recently to 9.5.2 The install process was just fine but did not update anything. I verified this fact by getting the version of VectorWorks which stayed at 9.5.1 Happened in OS X had to do the install until it worked Properly hope this helps
  15. Katie I am positive that I'm not turning off the constraints. the cursor (the little arrow) itself does not disappear, but it won't change to an cross (+) for example in order to snap to an extrude while in 3D view; and "object" will not appear besides it. Also, I do not have to reboot the machine, just V-Works and everything works just fine. urimevs
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