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adding plant symbols to the default content


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I'm new to the 2009 edition, and have been away from VW for a while so i'm a bit rusty.

When I open up the 'Place Plant Preferences' dialog box, and then click on the plant symbol, a drop down window appears with a 'default content' of plant symbols.

How can I add to this please.



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Default content comes from files located in the subfolders of the Defaults folder in the Libraries folder. With Plant objects these are in the Plant Defaults.vwx file. You can either add to the content in this file or place other files in the Plants folder (see first attached image below).

Another way to increase the default content is to use a Template file with the content you want already included in it.

The easiest way of all to access content is through the Resource Browser. Add the Plant Object library files as a Favourite and then the content will always be readily available (see second attached image below).

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Thanks for that. Another question.

In the Plant data base how can I compile a list of various different plants. I understand that I can search using a common name or type, like ferns or trees and I can then export that list into VW, but I 'm having trouble working out how to select lots of different plants with no connection.

Thanks for any info


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