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Auto number an object

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Are the stands symbols? If so, you could create a record and then use the Link Text to Record to hook them together. You could then change/enter the numbers in a worksheet instead of having to do it all manually.

There is even a script floating around the board that will increment the number in a record when you click on the object. It will need a little bit of rework to meet your exact needs, but it doable. [do a search on posts by me in the last week or two and you will find the thread. Something about vectorscript crashing on doors).

If you have a symbol with text linked to a record.

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I believe Pat is referring to a script he was helping me with. Attached is a VectorWorks file with a script that will consecutively number a specific symbol with a specific record number block. Try it out in the attached file.

Like Pat said, you will need to link a text block to the symbol with an attached record format. If you've never used linked records or have any experience with VectorScript, then you may want to look for another solution (not that I know of any).

If you want to tackle it. Edit the script in the attached file, by replacing the 'symbol name'.'record name' with the corresponding names from your object. You can import the command palette into your drawings and use it or convert the script into a command and install it with the Workspace Editor.

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Insert the following line after each of the lines that start with numberStr :=

If Len(numberStr)=1 then numberStr := Concat('0',numberStr);

There should be two locations.

This fix only works for adding a single zero to one digit numbers. It would have to be reworked if you need to go to three digit or higher.

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Sorry to dig up this old thread. I need to number about 400 symbols. I've been doing it using the old number stamp tool but I don't get paid by the hour.

Is there a way to select a bunch of symbols and have them auto number? I've tried converting them to lighting instruments as that ability exists for lighting, but it didn't work.

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I figured out a convoluted way to do it:

You'll have to create a label legend in Spotlight that has the unit number where you want in on the symbol and formatted how you want. Spotlight>Label Legends Manager and it's pretty obvious how to do it.

1. Create a dummy symbol

2. Select all of the symbols you want to number and put them in a new layer by themselves.

3. Replace them all with the dummy symbol

4. Select all, then Spotlight>convert to instrument

5. Spotlight>number instruments. Select left to right, or top to bottom or whatever.

6. Spotlight>Assign Label Legend and pick the one you made.

7. Numbers show up.

You can then ungroup them a couple of times until you end up with just text blocks, delete your dummy symbols and away you go.

I hope there is an easier way, but this was way better than 460 clicks.

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