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Viewports Trouble in VW2009

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I?m using VW 2009 for the first time as an upgrade to 2008.

I usually 'dress up' (with lines and polys) my sections and elevation viewports, and opened a previous document (2008) in VW2009 and updated my viewports .... when I tried to snap to various points within the annotations I couldn't do it ... is there a bug here? since I've always been able to do it before ... or is there a new setting (I'm missing) for this in VW2009?


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I am noticing similar effect in 2009 viewport annotation mode, esp snap for paste from clipboard to center of circle where circle is on design layer. Cursor remains black arrow, but red box snap indicator shows circle center as snap location. Pasted object misses the DL circle center even at extreme zoom.

Direct draw, line tool for example, snaps to DL circle as expected - Cursor changes to cross, red snap indicator shows center of DL circle, snapped object is exactly located.

Seems like a bug.

I will submit.


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As of Friday I am now getting a bright green box showing up on the design layer (all of them). This box is similar in size to my crop, but again, it is on the design layer. If I delete the box, & go to another sheet & open a design layer there I have the same box. If I go back to the first design layer the deleted box is back! I've opened several files all with the same result (eep!). Today some files the box is transparent, on others the box is 2.53mm wide & green.

I'm going to try a reinstall & see if that fixes the problem. & will advise

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