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New-ish to VW

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Trying to do a "proper" 3d in VW 09. As opposed to just flinging things about until they look right!

In Top/Plan view, I set my origin so that my 0'y is at the bottom of my area where I'd like it. My 0'x is right down the middle of the screen.

When I switch to front view my Y origin is still showing as it does in plan view. So when I draw a box in plan, I'd like it to be on the 0' elevation. But when I go to Front, the elevation looks like 27'6"(y").

Not sure if this is making any sense. Somewhat hard for me to explain.

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The on-screen rulers are a 2D only thing. There is no "Z" ruler, so when you switch to a front view, you are still seeing the X and Y rulers that you saw in Top/Plan.

If this bothers you, you can turn off the rulers entirely in the VW preferences and just work using the head sup display.

Or if it really bothers you, submit a Wish List item to get true 3D rulers added.

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You hit on a popular subject.

Most people find moving the origin not worth it. The X and Y rulers are only meant to work in top and top/plan views. Moving the origin can cause a lot of confusion... See thread http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=116937#Post116937

You'll notice when you switch to a front view the x and y rulers grey out.

In top or top plan views, if you create an extrude with a positive extrude value it starts at z=0 and "extrudes" up. If you give the extrude a negative value.

If you are in front view a positive extrude starts at y=0 and extrudes toward you (in the negative direction of the y axis...). A negative extrude value goes the other way.

UNLESS... your design layer has a z value, then that z value "takes over" from the origin

OR.... You are using a working plane, then the i,j,k values of the working plane "take over" from the origin...

I often find it helpful to plant temporary landmarks: a 3d locus, an extruded rectangle placed in a useful position, to help me move objects to their correct location after they are created.



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