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  1. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Trying to do a "proper" 3d in VW 09. As opposed to just flinging things about until they look right! In Top/Plan view, I set my origin so that my 0'y is at the bottom of my area where I'd like it. My 0'x is right down the middle of the screen. When I switch to front view my Y origin is still showing as it does in plan view. So when I draw a box in plan, I'd like it to be on the 0' elevation. But when I go to Front, the elevation looks like 27'6"(y"). Not sure if this is making any sense. Somewhat hard for me to explain.
  3. JPL13

    New Computer

    I currently have VW 2009 on my Mac Laptop. This weekend I'm getting a Mac Pro desktop. Will I have any issue installing my CD onto that now? This is in regard to license/registration issues. Thanks!
  4. I'm on the road. Haven't had good internet for a sustained time. Just my bband card.
  5. I notice that it does get worse as I continue to work. What resource is being used the most that builds the lag? CPU, memory, video mem, etc? Right now "nudging" is impossible. I select an item, click my arrows to nudge a bit, it moves about 30 seconds later. Crazy.
  6. Haven't had the opportunity to do the upgrade yet. Meanwhile... Anything else it could be? This isn't gradual. I just re-installed, created a new file. Drew a 4'x4'x4' 3d box on the default sheet. Saved. Closed. Re-opened. When I click on the box to view it's object info, about 30 seconds goes by before I can do anything in the program. Very odd.
  7. No haven't done sp3 yet. It's a core due 3GHz, 2 gig ram, 1 gig mem GeForce GTX 280.
  8. I have 2008 installed on a Win XP Pro SP3 machine. As well as on an OSX laptop. When I'm working on the XP, I experience a lot of lag/freeze ups when working with files. Even in the beginning of a drawing when it's still small. For example, I select something (anything) and there's a long delay waiting for the object info to display. Or when I copy an object...long delay (waiting to be able to paste). These lags happen even with the most simple objects (for ex. a small box). My system is very high end. Lots of fast memory, highend cpu and video card. I've tried reinstalling the program several times. Always the same. What elements of my system could be causing this? I've tried to tweak/overclock everything. No change. Fwiw, none of this takes place on the osx install. Thanks for any help!!
  9. Unfortunately, I need them to rotate on X axis. So if you were looking at them from "right" side view, they'd be at a 20deg angle. It's crazy that this won't let you rotate 3d objects (hybrids, anyway) on anything other than the Z axis. Supposedly, VW 2009 fixes this. Sigh. Thank u for the help, though
  10. Going out of my mind and running out of time . Here's the situation: I add a truss in VW (2008). I convert it to a lighting position, as it has 8 lights on it. As you know, VW won't let you just rotate the truss(hybrid object), except for on the Z plane, so I resort to circular array to angle the truss 10 degrees. This is done without maintaining the original. I save my file. I re open my file, the truss is straight again!! The lights that are for that truss are still on a 10deg angle! If I convert the truss to 3d polys, I can rotate it and open/close, etc. It all works fine, but now I can no longer convert that truss into a lighting position. Driving me batty!!! Please help if you can. I'm soooo behind on finishing this plot as it is Thanks for any assistance!!
  11. JPL13


    Just switched to 2k8 from wyg. Can vw render realistic looking live lighting? Meaning, show beams coming from moving lights, etc. Thanks!


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