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Is this normal ?

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No doubt I'll be corrected on this but I seem to remember that 16 Tb is the maximum addressable memory under Leopard. In other words VW has cornered the market in theoretical available memory (even if it's not actually there). This sounds like a recurrence of the memory leak that happened occasionally under v12 - although 2009 is a very different animal. There have been a number of posts reporting the odd go-slow in 2009 so this would seem to link up to a memory management problem as you are describing. It'd be interesting to see if others who are having the problem have similar memory figures.

inukcad got the data from Activity Monitor (in the utilities folder). Open Activity monitor main window, select Vectorworks and click inspect. My version of 2008 is running at 312 Mb shared memory at the moment.

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It's the same after restart and with different files. The 16TB figures appear randomly and briefly, then settles down to reasonable figure. I've watched the figures while working, the figure doesn't seem to be affected by operations. It just appears. None of my drawings are particularly complex. I've sent NNA support an email I guess an formal Bug Reprt would be more appropriate.

Enjoying the podcasts Pat.


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