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  1. I'm having an issue composing a group of lines/arcs. See attached. I'm trying to snap green highlighted line to black arc but can't connect them. Arc location shows as per orange line and snaps to it but I still can't compose the box. Any ideas ?
  2. Creating a new marker with 0 length, angle and width gets around it. But is this right ?
  3. It turns out they are markers. Checking the class attributes I can't see a setting for 'none' in the marker style.
  4. Hi, just started having an issue where the ends of new lines have an open V centered on the line. It's also occurring with the split tool with a diamond shape centered at the split point. The object splits OK but the diamonds can't be deleted unless the object is deleted. The problem seems to occur only in a particular drawing. Any thoughts ? Cheers
  5. Holy man, looks like I've found the mother-load of rants ! Before I add my own I want to say I really appreciate the help I've found here from other users and people like Jeff. Thanks ! I've been spending a fair bit of time in the forum trying to resolve my own VW issues. I'm sure some are due to my own shortcomings while I try to wrap my head around something. Never the less it's been a frustrating year since adopting VW and I often have voices behind me saying things like - why does this 'insert task here' have to be so freaking complex, all I want is an idea worked out and this tool is getting in the way.... Another sez Phil, grab a sheet of velum and load up the pen. It seems I spend way too much time on the VW learning curve and lately more time with issues. Downtime is especially challenging for small time firms like my own. Here my simple reckoning for this week so far: Sole operator of small engineering firm. No IT. Multi-tasker including washing the bog. Hourly cost to run firm: $125 Time spent on current issue ( Combine into Surface ) experimentation, research: 18 hrs Unrecoverable cost so far this week: $2250. The only reason I'm here at 12:45am is an attempt to recover some of that lost revenue. There's a point when things become a liability and such a drain on resources the bottom line dictates what needs to be done and frankly I'm pretty much near digging out the velum today....!! I've used alot of Cadd apps, gave up Visual Cadd when we switched to Mac, gave up ACadd when they told me to piss off after finding out I ran on Bootcamp, gave up on TurboCadd after issues with accuracy and on, so I understand that VW is not a singular culprit, nor are other Cadd forums any different, all apps have issues....well maybe we can exclude native Mac apps. For sure we all spend way too much time doing what essentially boils down to R&D for software companies and I'm not sure they really understand or appreciate just how much we all invest in their product and the latitude they get from clients. For sure if any other machine in my plant gave as much grief it would be packed up and shipped back to the supplier in pretty short order. I'm not sure what the answer is. Broader test groups maybe ? Better and more direct feedback from clients ? I just know I spend way too much time dealing with issues that are not of my own making, but am expected to swallow the time and costs. There's my 2 penneth. Hopefully the VW2009 due to arrive shortly will be a bit more intuitive and useful.
  6. holy crap you're right....didn't notice. No wonder there's smoke coming out of my speakers :sick:
  7. SP3 would make sense as I recently updated. I made the positive clock face on the right. Maybe it's a misunderstanding on my part. I assumed using this command would select the continuos area that ultimately makes the skeleton dial and ignore the 'see though' area, which it does, albeit hidden amongst 2 other entities - the disc and the negative. End of the day I can manage but it seems a bit odd of an awkward process with the 2 other entities created. Cheers
  8. It's the same after restart and with different files. The 16TB figures appear randomly and briefly, then settles down to reasonable figure. I've watched the figures while working, the figure doesn't seem to be affected by operations. It just appears. None of my drawings are particularly complex. I've sent NNA support an email I guess an formal Bug Reprt would be more appropriate. Enjoying the podcasts Pat. Cheers.
  9. I should know better to post after midnight. I'll try again. Basically I'm trying understand why the combine into surface tool work the way it does. I start with a 2d line drawing of the clock dial, composed it, then with the combine into surface tool select the dial and fill with color. (what I want is the skeleton shown highlighted in yellow) Instead of filling just the rings & numerals the tool fills the entire diameter, it took me ages to figure out that I had to deselect the component and separate the components created in that process. I don't get why the combine into surface tool should function this way - creating 2 additional components ( disk and negative) and hides the result I was looking for. The other thing I found using this tool was that unless the entire component is visible in the drawing window it will not fill completely. In the second drawing above I was zoomed into the top left corner. Should the drawing window limit the tool ? cheers
  10. Rooting around the hood of my Macbook I saw this while trying to resolve what's become a painfully slow drawing process. Zoom lags, slow commands etc. Is 16TB a normal figure ?
  11. This took way too many hours to figure out. Unless an entire surface is visible in the drawing area the combine into surface tool will not combine a composed surface completely. See attached. Component was zoomed into the top left corner of Montglen 3 when combine into surface tool was applied. Is it supposed to happen this way for a reason or is it an issue ? Can anyone explain why when I use this tool I need to deselect the component and reselect the part I need and delete the newly created disk and negative....this too took me hours to figure out. :eek:
  12. Thanks for looking into it. I should have 09 next week. Hopefully the 3D component is a little less unwieldy. Cheers.
  13. Worked this time, not sure what happened.
  14. you're not blind, I'm bit of a luddite when it comes to forums. I attached the files with file manager. Is that the way it should be done ?
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