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drawing elevations

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I am designing a home that will have 6 separate sides. I would like to have all 6 sides generated in elevations. Every side is either at 0, 45. 90 degrees. How do i generate these elevations, I can can the front the sides, the rear, but I can't getthe elevations that are on the 45 degree. I tried rotating the floor plan 45 degrees but it seems to throw everything off when I do this. I then tried using the rotate plan for 45 degrees but when I try to generate a front elevation it goes back tot he orginal position- Do I need to use the camera tool in order to gererate these elevations??-

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2 simple ways: 1) Use the Set 3d View command, being very careful to draw the "look toward" line exactly perpendicular to the wall/side you want to see in elevation, also use the settings 0,0 with no perspective. Or 2) Go to one the 4 side views that are already available and then use the Rotate 3d View command (which is pretty straight forward).

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Another question in a similar situation:

With the wall tool if you need to "cut out" a corner of wall you can do this with the 3D loci/edit tool and add/remove points, this works fine if you can set to side, front view etc what if the walls is at an odd angle, I know I could group the wall and rotate it so level but this isnt always easy if there are other items joining to it etc. Is there an easier way, with the methods above the view is changed but you wouldnt be able to click and edit anything.

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CS1, no. Read my response again. I'm talking about using either 'Set 3d View' or 'Rotate 3d View' to set the view in DESIGN layers. With Stack Layers "on" and with the "show 2d objects in active layer pref. "on", you will be able to do exactly what you're asking...

Pat's solution is a decent enough workaround for setting angles elevation views, but creates a Section VP (not on design layer, therefore non-editable as such), BUT you can then double click the VP and choose "Edit Design Layer" and "Use VP Attributes" and it will end up in the correct view in the Design Layer (of your choice)...

The only other problem I have with Pat's method is that the regen for Section VP's is hideously slow, so I try to limit their use to actual sections...

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No problem ;-) Here's another neat trick, along these same lines (oops, a pun!): To set an elevation view of an angled wall, first rotate the plan (using the Rotate Plan tool or command) so that the wall in question is either exactly horizontal or exactly vertical; then use the Set 3d View tool, and hold the shift key to constrain the "look-to" line exactly perpendicular to the wall.

Note: of course you can draw the "look-to" line at any angle, but I find it much easier to draw it either horizontal or vertical. It takes the guess work out...

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