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I wondered if someone could tell me how to import a .psd (photoshop) drawing into V-works.

I have some people that I have removed from their background and when I pull them in they come with a white square around them rather than with their own boundary.

I have in the past used photoshop to place people / cars / others into drawings but this reduces the quality of the line weights and clarity of lines of the original drawing.

How can I achieve a finished high quality drawing with photographic accents

Any help would be much appreciated

I am using V-works fundamentals and photoshop CS3

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When you import, VW will convert a PSD file to JPEG or PNG so you may be better off converting to jpeg within Photoshop and exporting. However, VW may cause double compression of the file (first in PSD to JPEG export by Photoshop, 2nd on JPEG to JPEG import into VW) in this case but I have seen no visible proof of that. When you import PSD files, they appear to honour the physical page size, whilst jpegs may not.

When working with raster files, you need to pay attention to resolution. I work at 300dpi, so if I create a file for import into VW, I work out the image size based on 300dpi and use Photoshop to resized it accordingly.

I am of the belief that Photoshop will make a better job resizing and compressing an image than VW will.

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I wondered if someone could tell me how to import a .psd (photoshop) drawing into V-works.

Using File>Import>Import image file allows you directly to import jpg or psd files.

The jpg file will tend to be smaller, but when you select image (bitmap) fill to none the jpg will not be so clean to trim.

If you also choose png rather than jpg on the psd file you will get a better quality when it comes to masking.

Another factor is that the psd file will also make the file bigger.

The file can be kept smaller if the imported image file is referenced, which also allows for changes to be made more easily to the image file. This choice is made when in the Import Image Options dialogue box.


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