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Making a hydroslide

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Thanks Mike thats a cool little tool.

Is there any kind of spring object that you know of? Ive had a look at the available tools in my workspace and cant see one.

Or do you know a way of using that Torus tool to appear like a spring, even if only for 360?.

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To create a spring / spiral hydroslide...

Draw a vertical line the height you would like your spring to be.

Go to - Model-3d power pack-create helix/spiral

Set the intended pitch etc.

A spiral is formed..

Draw a circle representing the cross section of the spring wire (or hydroslide tube)

Select both the circle and the spiral

Go to - Model-Extrude along path

Use the spiral as the path

Hope that is what you were after

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This is great I wasnt aware of some of these tools.

Using the methods above I have created a "donut" the path (radius) is around 5000mm and the profile (cross section) is a polygon with around 6 different curves (basically a blob).

Can some look at my signature and give an idea as to why my machine would run extremely slow once I try to render in openGL. It seems at this rate I wouldnt be able to make a very detailed model as it would just run too slow.

I thought my machine was reasonably specd.

Can provide more specs if neccessary.

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Should render instantaneously in open GL, also if you edit or make a spiral object. The reason sweeps are good is that they only have the 2 essential components object and locus.

Not sure why it takes any time to render, I've got the same graphics card

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