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Worksheet-"#VALUE!" Error

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I am trying to create a column that will display the ratio of two record data points associated with a space. You can see in the image, I am dividing skylight area by floor area (as shown in the formula bar), but the result is displaying "#VALUE!" as the red arrow is pointing to.

I couldn't find how to correct this in the help files.



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Entering the cell labels (=F3/C3) does not work, still gives #VALUE! error.

I also checked to be sure that the record fields are formatted as numbers, not text. They were formatted as numbers.

I also tried simply entering a single record and rather than dividing it by another record, divided it by "2." So I did "=Daylighting.SkylightArea/2" this also gives the #VALUE! error. Sooo, this Skylight Area is a record format that I made, then attached to a Space Object, and entered in the value manually in the worksheet.

If I use a record that is instead based on the actual Space object, such as "=Space.Area," as a database header I can manipulate that with modifiers such as dividing it by "2" or by another similar record format such as "Space.Width."

So does this mean it is impossible to add modifiers to a record that is not actually derived from an actual object in the drawing? In other words, does anyone know if I can add modifiers to custom-made records called out in worksheet header rows?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


yes you can.

Custom-made records are not different in nature from records derived from objects (plug-in object records)

The #VALUE! error in the worksheet signals that one or more parameter in your operation has an invalid value.

Check again the format of the record field (NOT the cell format in the worksheet) and make sure it is not a text.

If it is in fact a number or integer, then the record might be corrupt. Send me the file at htsafak@nemetschek.net and I would investigate the issue.




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