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Increase Performance by better Video Card?

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Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading to a new Mac Pro, but I am wondering if just a simple video card upgrade will help in speed increases. I am wondering if there is a card out there that will sweeten the Open GL render quality (so it is almost as good as FQ Renderworks) and at the same time, increase the speed.

Does anyone have any experience?


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Core Image > Quartz depends on the power of video processors & VRAM .

The GUI & Quicktime events now communicate directly with video making the

entire process at least 20x more efficient !

Core Image is an image processing technology built into Mac OS X v10.4 that leverages programmable graphics hardware whenever possible to provide near real-time processing. The Core Image application programming interface (API) provides access to built-in image filters for both video and still images and provides support for creating custom filters
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