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sun don't shine no more

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The sunlight that had previously been streaming through the windows on my perspective views has suddenly stopped streaming. It is still there and still on. I erased it and inserted a new one with only the same results. Is there yet another setting somewhere that may have changed?


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I am using final quality rendering. I did doublecheck the glazing and it is set to clear still (I can see out the window to the background)

My sun is in a class called lights - with other lights that are working still. It is not within another symbol. I am not using the emitter and have the setting at 85%.

I have also tried turning the ambient setting on and off with no effect.

This particular file is starting to get large and is starting to occasionally have some quirks.

here are shots of the two conditions:


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Check your material settings, its possible that if you inserted an object with a glass material using the same name but different material settings, the material attributes could have been changed. In particular check the Mirror and Transmission settings, or simply rest the default Simple Glass Material settings and see if that helps.

Good Luck

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just an update to the now fixed issue.

This was directly linked to a problem I posted a few weeks earlier concerning objects taking on new fill properties (without my input!).

I went through all my classes and found most had taken a solid fill color to match the pen color. Once I changed all of these back to their original settings, the problem was fixed. Although the textures for "glass" and for "clear" were just fine, the class for style glazing 1 had a solid fill. All better now.

thanks for the suggestions and input

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