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  1. Thanks, Christiaan. Virtual Lion is successfully installed!
  2. Sadly, no. Lion is there under purchases but the brilliant folks at Apple won't let me download it again.
  3. Thanks for posting this, Christiaan. My macbook has been crashing constantly running Vectorworks 2013 after upgrading to Sierra. Now, to track down a copy of El Capitan...
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Benson. The first version of this I showed my client was through an image texture with a mask for the holes. Little did I know it would take such an effort to get real geometry for the laser cutter!! I don't typically do a bunch of tracing - I get too impatient. I'll give it a whirl with the focus on creating fewer vertices. This file crashes now any time I try to do too much.
  5. Finally got it all done. Ended up breaking the shapes into smaller shapes to contain their size. Nonetheless, this particular pattern is slowing down my poor ol' macbook pro. Time for an upgrade.
  6. The difference between looking at this in wireframe vs opengl doesn't give me much faith in the quality of the polyline.
  7. And now I'm seeing it doesn't even show the extrude in the export! Here is a screen shot.
  8. I wonder if it is an issue with my funky old VW 2013. I don't get the same results you guys do. Paint bucket. Extrude. This....
  9. Kevin, Here is the offending shape. I made it as one complete, non-stop polyline and it appeared to close at completion as my last click was on the starting point. Thanks for your input! Jeff
  10. I downloaded this pattern and commenced to tracing it. I'm using the polyline tool and just using straight segments that get fairly close to the shapes. Once complete (and closed), I'm using the poly smoothing tool (bezier) which gets it close enough for my purposes. The shapes are placed over the square polyline. I'm trying to clip the surface of the square to end up with a single polyline that I can give to my laser cutter to cut these out of steel. Unfortunately, I keep getting errors where some of the polyline shapes will not clip the surface. As a test, if I try to extrude the errant shape, it gets all funky. So, something is obviously wrong. Is there a better way to go about this? I've done several other laser cut panels successfully with the same methodology but those shapes were geometric and didn't entail all these free form curves. Thanks!
  11. OK - Just created the Hardware Schedule and it's a mess. There are duplicate numbers and some sets don't have the correct hardware information.
  12. Having a few issues with the Door Schedule. #1. I keep getting the wrong Hardware Set # on several of my doors. I think the issue is related to the fact that I changed the numbering system on my Hardware sets halfway into making my schedule. I've gone back to the doors in question and un-selected and re-selected the hardware set but it keeps coming up wrong. #2. I have some slider "patio" doors on the plan/schedule. When editing the door information, I am unable to assign a hardware set. The Door Schedule is assigning a random hardware set #. In the case of both items, I could just over-right the incorrect information, but I would love for this thing to work properly! thanks jeff
  13. Jonathon - Thanks for being awesome! If I ever make it to NZ, I'll buy you a pint! jeff
  14. Mike - yeah. It was the first thing I checked. I was sad to see it was already on!
  15. Once upon a time I thought that when I went to annotate a rendered viewport (such as an elevation) that rendering stayed intact while in annotate mode. Now, when I go into annotate mode the viewport goes back to wireframe - making it ridiculously difficult to annotate and point to various elements in the viewport. So, what am I missing? thanks in advance!
  16. Peter, Yep, I'm officially a dufus. Clicked on through the first screen and found myself on the printer page with the save as pdf option. Worked brilliantly (unlike my brain today). Thanks! jeff
  17. Peter - Yeah - that sub-menu doesn't come up. In fact, when I click on print, "page setup" appears. This makes me think that it is a Vectorworks install issue. Lately, I keep getting the pop up telling me a new service pack is available - and yet, I have the most up to date service pack. Perhaps it is time for a re-install!
  18. Incidentally, I've been having other bizarre behavior at times when exporting PDF's. Lines or notes shifting around.
  19. Peter - I just tried to do that but the typical Mac "save as pdf" option is not there. Seems like a great idea though!
  20. I have a sheet layer viewport with my proposed plan over-layed on a pdf of the existing site plan. When exporting the viewport as a new pdf, the site plan appears rotated and mirrored in the new export. Any suggestions on fixing this? thanks
  21. So sad. It had so much promise. The beauty of the projection, if it could work, would be the possibility of representing varied materials on a continuous wall. The place I was trying to use it has windows and a door - so the openings become automatic. My workaround is to break the wall into pieces - each with its own thickness and exterior material. Not very good.
  22. Having difficulty assigning a texture to a wall projection. The object that I created has its own texture when rendered in 3d. When it is added to the wall as a projection, it no longer renders with its texture. I have "use object 3d attributes" checked in the dialogue box. When I double click the protrusion to go into edit mode, the edit mode renders with the proper texture. When I go back to the overall rendering, it no longer has its texture. I noticed in Vectorworks Help that it states the object will render with its own FILL - which implies it will not use the texture.
  23. ok. problem solved by checking with the vectorworks knowledgebase.
  24. this one is simple (I hope) I just upgraded to 2013 from 2010. I used to be able to "tab" between input fields in dialogue boxes - such as the "move" dialogue box from the x value to the y value. Now, tab does not do that for me. It requires a mouse click in the y field. Is this a setting somewhere? I have scoured the preferences to no avail. thanks -
  25. there are a few 2d plan people on vector depot: http://www.vectordepot.com/symbols/ towards the bottom of the page
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