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Apple Mighty Mouse - needs tune up



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I have not experienced these problems with Kingston, Macally, or Microsoft scroll mice or trackballs, only with mighty mouse. I also experience the scroll/zoom problems with mm in Vue 5 Infinite but not with other scroll mice/trackballs, which is why I believe that it's a mighty mouse issue.

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Safari being an Apple product I guess they made sure it worked okay in that.

I do feel you are stuck in the middle in this sort of situation.

I have read of people having some problems with the Apple mouse, but you never know what else is installed on individuals machines that may cause conflicts, software and other hardware so I'd be loathed to point the finger straight at the Apple mouse.

I have to say I've never experienced problems with alternative mice in VW.

Hope it gets sorted out one way or the other.


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I've just re read the first post

"wireless apple mighty mouse"

Is there such a thing? I know there is a wireless mouse and I know there is a corded mighty mouse as Apple likes to call it, but is there a cordless version of that mouse?

Could this be a problem related to interference etc. in that case.

Just a thought.


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Yes but for it to be a problem with the Mighty Mouse (i.e. the mouse or drivers need fixing) wouldn't it logically necessitate that *all* applications have a problem with Mighty Mouse?

Not necessarily.

There was a scrolling issue with Mighty Mouse in Illustrator CS (aka, Illustrator 11, code name Pangaea/Sprinkles) using the Apple mouse driver that did not affect other Adobe products or earlier versions of Illustrator, which was fixed by one of the Apple Security Update (that is, the fix was bundled in one of the Security Updates.)

Incidentally, have you tried using Mighty Mouse with USB OVerdrive rather than the Apple driver?

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Christiaan is 100% right on this one. Apple is largely a closed shop as they sell both the hardware and software that constitutes a Mac. If you want to sell software for Macs, then you first need to ensure that your application works on Apples standard hardware and follows Apple's guidelines.

Apple's copious technical documents give ample opportunity to allow programmers to ensure that their software will be consistent with the standard Apple user's experience. Go dig around Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and see how it should work. When followed, the guidelines, ensure that copy, cut, paste and undo are all executed with the same keystrokes in all programs, for instance.

VW should support Mighty Mouse as well as any other app does. Illustator 11's failures do not excuse VW. A mouse has been part of a Mac for more than 2 decades, and I believe VW has the worst scroll/zoom/pan mouse support of any app I have used during that time. If there is a worse app in this respect, please list it.

To see how the track ball should work, download a copy of SketchUp and use the track ball a little. Human Interface Guidlines

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