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showing context while editing symbols

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is there a possibility to see the context of a drawing while editing a symbol? (similar to show other objects while in groups)

I often need to see the grid modul or other information of the context while I work with a symbol.

In ohter cad-programs it is possible to edit a symbol(cell) while seeing the context.

I know two workarounds in vw:

1:konvert to group, make changes, make symbol, replace the old symbols

2:Instead of working with symbols, I can work with copies of layerlinks. but that way I need many layers.

Too many workarounds in this programme!!

any help

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That would be difficult to do, especially in a drawing file where the same symbol is used multiple times on a single, or multiple, layer. How would the context work in editting a symbol that is in two different places in a file? The nature of symbols is that they need to be editted in isolation. Yours is an interesting question, but I have never heard of that features before.

Too many workarounds, I think, is a good theing for VW, by the way!

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Perhaps you could copy (or make a grid layout large enough to cover what you need) the grid modul into the symbol while you're working on it. Then delete it prior to closing the symbol.

Otherwise, I firmly agree with Jim. . .symbols are intended to be repeated units that are edited in isolation. Like a mini drawing.

Good luck,

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