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  1. good question, that should be possible, but as far as I can see it isn?t. It could also be nice to gather symbols from one reference in one folder in the ressource browser. For more overviews sake.
  2. When I reference a symbol from the ressource browser, the source file i.e. doorfile becomes a part of my workgroup reference. When you go to the workgroup reference box and edit the source file, you will see that no design layer is marked. And from the wgr-box you can always update manually. Usually for us updating is automatically when opening a file. If we need to update more often we do it manually in the wgr-box. In our case the folder location doesn?t matter. Good luck.
  3. sounds like one of those frustrating VW bugs. I think the colour- hatch- and so on customization in vw is not satisfying. But do you know the pantone colour chart that you can get at http://www.vectordepot.com/misc/ ? it looks at least nicer than the default colour chart. As far as I know the colour chart is part of the document. wonder how the colours behave when copy-pasting from one file to another with a different colour chart. anybody any experiences?
  4. If you are an office with more than one person working on a project, you should learn to use workgroup referencing. learn everything about it, it?s worth it.
  5. there is a file on the network that contains the title block as a symbol. I add that file to my favourites in my ressource browser. from the target file i rightclick on the titleblock symbol in the ressource browser choosing reference. Now you can see in your workgroup reference dialog box that the title block file is added. When you place a drawing border you can choose the title block from the "top level" or "drawing border components", not from the "default" file. There is one bug in vw. when you make changes in the title block file the symbol in the target file will automatically update, but you need to doubble- click and press ok on the drawing border before the title block is changed. good luck.
  6. We share the titleblocks as referenced symbols from the network. Is working very well.
  7. possibly the plug-in 'optimize drawing' by vectorbits can help you with reducing vertices quite effectively. www.vectorbits.com. good luck
  8. Yes, photoshop is perfect for drawing. the brush tool is pressure sensitive, s? it?s working like a soft pencil. just that your hand is not getting dirty. I experience the response as fairly quick. but of course if you move the pen very fast, there is a little delay in the screen image. The screen looks at least as sharp and bright as our other flat panel displays. All in all it?s a little step to future. I imagine a desktop in function as big a drafting table, where the keybord is an integrated part of the interactive display. And software optimized to switch between vectors and pixels drawings. Good luck
  9. sorry, the transparency app AFLOAT does not work on vectorworks. I use WINDOWSHADE (http://www.unsanity.com/haxies/wsx). that is working well. costs 10 bugs.
  10. hi sue, I think it is nice and futuristic to work on a cintiq, but I haven?t found the right software combination yet. For pure vectorworks drafting it is quicker with a mouse. For sketching I switch between photoshop and vectorworks. with the application AFLOAT it is possible to make the window you work in transparent (http://millenomi.altervista.org/Afloat/). then the cintiq is working like intelligent drafting paper. But there is the problem that when you zoom in/out in one app the other one does not follow. I found the freehand tool in vectorworks irritating, so I don?t use it. best regards marek
  11. It?s because I have a layerlink that is rotated in the right position, but I need it to be a not layerlink anymore. when I export a drawing with layerlinks to dwg and then import it back, the layerlinks become symbols, which are possible to konvert. Is there a straighter way to do this
  12. is it possible to break a layerlink down. break the link and konvert it to editable objects. help!
  13. hello, my colleagues vectorworks doesn?t remember favourites in the ressource browser anymore. After restart all favorites are gone. and it takes time to find them back. is there any way to avoid that?
  14. is there a possibility to see the context of a drawing while editing a symbol? (similar to show other objects while in groups) I often need to see the grid modul or other information of the context while I work with a symbol. In ohter cad-programs it is possible to edit a symbol(cell) while seeing the context. I know two workarounds in vw: 1:konvert to group, make changes, make symbol, replace the old symbols 2:Instead of working with symbols, I can work with copies of layerlinks. but that way I need many layers. Too many workarounds in this programme!! any help
  15. hello, is there an easy way to konvert a polyline or polygon to propertyline?
  16. ok, it?s the same shortcut as for "exit group". perfect. thank you.
  17. another question: is it possible to make a shortcut key for "exit symbol"?
  18. hej, is there a way to transfer all class attributes from one file to another? ...so I can make class atributes from different files to match each other. I often get surprised when I copy/paste from one file to another, because the classes have different attributes and the same objects appear differently in the files.
  19. thanks for the idea. But this way I will get many objects instead of one editable line of dots.
  20. does anybody know how to make a line of dots? would be nice to have a dot line as a dash style. I was trying the dash style editing but I couldn?t get a satisfying result. Any ideas?
  21. yes, katie. your confirmation was right.
  22. grey/snap others is a wonderful feature, thanks to the techs. But it?s true the 'show/snap others' is snapping to greyed layers now. seems like a mistake.
  23. ...quiet annoying. But what suffixes have you tried? .vso .vst .vwplugin .vsm .vwobject .vwlibrary
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