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Export to PDF using VectorWorks 12.5

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i am still having the problem described and i've tried all these listed possible solutions. i'm running vw12.5 with All additional modules (architect, landmark...). i'm on a mac 10.4.7 w/ plenty of ram and storage, logged in as admin.

i tried adding/removing the export batch from the workspaces, tried different workspaces, tried changing permissions, tried multiple files built in 12.5 and earlier versions. i have saved views.

they export fine as a single pdf, but when i try to batch, it flashes twice and nothing appears to happen.

as one guy recommened, i tried checking the /var folder and nothing i changed/tweaked seemed to effect the export working.

this has been very frustrating!!! i'm still looking for other possible solutions or workarounds

on a similar note, my Batch rendering is also failing. i have my dpi and pixel sizes down small (72dpt @ 1500px wide) and it will crash the program almost every other time i try to batch render.

the file renders fine on a coworker's computer only running the standard modules.

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I am still having the same problem with export PDF (batch) as i was in october(see above). I was never able to fix the problem then and now I recently upgraded my computer and upgraded to VW-12.5.1 hoping that the problem would be fixed.

I've tried all the same possible solutions (switching workspaces, unchecking quartz, etc) and I still can't get the batch pdf to work. i can select my views to export, but when i click export the screen flashes and then nothing else happens. regular export pdf works fine.

OSX 10.4.8

Power Mac G5 Quad, 2.5 GHz, 4 GB memory

thanks in advance for any help

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On my Windows machine Export to Pdf works fine. it is the quality of the Pdf I find frustrating. Patterns and Hatches etc can sometimes become just black and overall when plotted the Pdfs are darker than plotting staight from a mcd.

Is there a way to fine tune the Pdf settings to fix this?

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Output resolution seems to affect the success of exporting to a pdf. Most defaults on pdf exports I've come across default to a very high quality (above 300 dpi) which in complex drawings won't go through. Adjusting to a lower dpi will help. On the toughest of tough, I've had better luck creating a .ps file and distilling it. As for appearances, before and after you distill the file, there are myriad of options that one can tweak to get better results. Of course the better the quality, the larger and harder to make the file....

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To those still having the problem in 12.5.1 (if you haven't update to 12.5.1, do that first before adding comments to this topic)

1. See if a new, blank document with a simple shape in it allows you to create a PDF

IF NO, go to #2.


1a. Go back to the file that is not working

1b. If you are printing from a sheet layer, edit the sheet layer and set the DPI to 300 or lower (150, 72)

1c. Check to see how large the VectorWorks file is - if it's large (100+ MB), we will need to examine the file.

2. Try to create the PDF from another user account - you may need to create a new user account

3. If your user account is not an Admin user account, either create a new account that's an admin, or log on using an admin account.

4. Run Disk Utility to verify and repair permissions.

If none of the above fixes the problem, please contact tech support directly - tech@nemetsechek.net or 410-290-5114

If there's a specific file that does not allow you to create a PDF, please send the file too.

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