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  1. Every time I run a Batch Render Job, VW creates a 'Batch render error report.txt' file in my root level folder. The file is created every time - even when the render job is successful. Is there a setting somewhere that will disable this? This didn't start happenning until I upgraded from 11 to 12-12.5.1 vw 12.5.1 os 10.4.8
  2. i'm on a mac, there was only the one plugin i was looking for... i figured out the problem now though. i think it has something to do w/ permissions. the plugin update was downloaded to one drive. when transferred to another drive, the file size was changing from 1.5meg to 0k. ...an obvious problem... i was only looking at the creation dates/directories. never noticed the file size issue. once i was able to get the full sized plugin loaded into the folder - everything works fine. just ran a few VW exports into Cinema... thanks for all the replys!
  3. thanks for the reply. however, i just downloaded the plugin yesterday from that page. the plugin i'm using is: Cinema4D Export VW12 US.vwplugin it's creation date is: 12/4/06 3:18am it is loaded into the directory: Applications > Vectorworks 12.5.1 > Plug-ins i've checked the 'All Menus' commands in multiple workspaces - it's just not showing up...
  4. thanks for the reply, but i actually already tried that. i have also tried trashing my VW preferences, rebooting and trying it on another machine. the plugin was downloaded yesterday from maxon's plugins site - i know it's current. it's loaded into the correct directory. i've been a VW and Cinema user for a few years now. i've done this process before... the plugin is simply not showing up in the workspace editor - in any of the command menus.
  5. i just upgraded my version of cinema from 8.5 to 10 and purchased the vectorworks plugin as well. i followed the directions for adding the vectorworks plugin into the correct 'vectorworks 12.5.1 > plug-ins' folder. however, when i go to add the plug-in into the Workspace Editor, i can't find it anywhere. i've looked in all the command folders - including import/export of course. i've also checked several different workspaces including standard and classic. os 10.4.8 4 gig memory quicktime 7.1.3 vw - 12.5.1 cinema4D - 10 please advise. thanks
  6. I am still having the same problem with export PDF (batch) as i was in october(see above). I was never able to fix the problem then and now I recently upgraded my computer and upgraded to VW-12.5.1 hoping that the problem would be fixed. I've tried all the same possible solutions (switching workspaces, unchecking quartz, etc) and I still can't get the batch pdf to work. i can select my views to export, but when i click export the screen flashes and then nothing else happens. regular export pdf works fine. OSX 10.4.8 Power Mac G5 Quad, 2.5 GHz, 4 GB memory thanks in advance for any help
  7. Hello, i am still having the problem described and i've tried all these listed possible solutions. i'm running vw12.5 with All additional modules (architect, landmark...). i'm on a mac 10.4.7 w/ plenty of ram and storage, logged in as admin. i tried adding/removing the export batch from the workspaces, tried different workspaces, tried changing permissions, tried multiple files built in 12.5 and earlier versions. i have saved views. they export fine as a single pdf, but when i try to batch, it flashes twice and nothing appears to happen. as one guy recommened, i tried checking the /var folder and nothing i changed/tweaked seemed to effect the export working. this has been very frustrating!!! i'm still looking for other possible solutions or workarounds on a similar note, my Batch rendering is also failing. i have my dpi and pixel sizes down small (72dpt @ 1500px wide) and it will crash the program almost every other time i try to batch render. the file renders fine on a coworker's computer only running the standard modules.
  8. thanks!!! just needed to add the workspace...
  9. I'm trying to install the plugin for cinema 4d. i have a g5 mac running panther with vectorworks 10.5.1. I placed the plugin file inside the plugin folder for vectorworks and I still can't export to the cinema 4d filetype... Please advise!! Is there more than one file to be installed? Location? anything else???
  10. I'm trying to convert specific design fonts (trade gothic LH) from TrueType to Polylines. In Jaguar it worked fine with all fonts. Now in Panther, I keep getting an error that says "Non-TrueType fonts selected but not converted." Truetype to Polylines works fine with any native system font. However, as a designer, I need to use specific fonts. I know the whole font family and suitcase are loaded. I saw another post by someone about "dfonts". I think this is a similar issue... something about how Panther is treating the fonts. If anyone has figured out a work around, i'd love to hear it. Thanks
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